US foreign policy and Iran: Of War Games and Guessing Games
CASMII / Ali Fathollah-Nejad (source:
17-Aug-2008 (2 comments)

The intention behind so-called "House Resolution 362" is to stop the export of refined petroleum to Iran and to subject all movement of goods within the country to strict inspection controls. Although the resolution would not be legally binding for the government, it is assumed that Bush and Cheney would put it into effect. Resolution 362 would make a naval blockade necessary – a move that under international law constitutes an act of war. At the beginning of June the accompanying "Senate Resolution 580" was also put before the US Senate by Senator John Bayh, the Democratic Congressman who at the end of June announced his willingness to serve as vice president to Obama. Three weeks after its submission to the House of Representatives, Resolution 362 already had the approval of one third of that body’s membership. After only two weeks, "Senate Resolution 580" also had been approved by one fifth of Senate members.

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