Iran bans "Movie Star" from leaving for Hollywood
20-Aug-2008 (one comment)

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran has banned an award-winning young actress from leaving the country over her appearance in a star-studded Hollywood production, the state news agency IRNA said on Wednesday.

"Golshifteh Farahani was banned from leaving by the authorities at the airport on Tuesday when she was about to leave for Hollywood to examine a new offer," IRNA said quoting an informed source.

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Darius Kadivar

Some Cultural Ministry ... ;0(

by Darius Kadivar on

I wonder why we even bother having a cultural ministry in Iran. Other than censoring and bad mouthing actors, directors and films lile Satrapi's Persepolis or preventing them to work abroad or in Iran they don't seem to have anything else to do.

Like the French say it This is LAMENTABLE ! ...