Iran lawmakers reject proposal to ease polygamy
The Associated Press
09-Sep-2008 (5 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian parliamentary committee rejected on Monday government amendments to a bill that would have allowed men to take additional wives without permission from their first wife — a proposal that angered women and the country's top judicial official.

Under Islam, a man can have up to four wives, and countries around the Mideast allow polygamy. However, Iran is one of the few — along with Syria and Tunisia — that require the consent of the first wife before a husband can take another. Still polygamy is rare in Iran, where most people frown on the practice.

News Goffer

Some kind of victory...

by News Goffer on

I guess this is good...The law remains As Is.  A man can still have up to 4 wives, but the first wife (and the subsequent ones?) will have to be informed about your decision to re-marry.  It's really not a permission to remarry, just a FYI.  They can't appeal it, but they'll know what what their husbands are up to.  

In case you wondered:  Yes, we ARE in 21st Century. 



A true tale of polygamy

by Fishmonger (not verified) on

Once a guy, a Haji by title, was talking proudly about the four wives he kept in different cities he occasionally visited and I almost asked him:

"Who f**ks 'em for you?"

One problem with such guys(Hajis) is that they forget women are smarter than they are.

They(women)talk less and act more!!!


These are noises

by Abarmard on

The noises that the government enforces to the ears of its citizens to stop the true progressive social moves. Every once in a while, the government decides to busy people with these kind of useless ideas, which only wastes the energies of the Rights organizations to stop the focus on more prominent issues facing the Iranian society. It's a pity.


sounds stupid

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Majority of people can not even handel one wife, much less more than one. Multi girfriends, I can underestand, multi wife's it's obsured!



by Fishmonger (not verified) on

Quote of the day:

A mullah likes orgies as much as any other guy.