Bush's Crucial Handoffs
Washington Post / David Ignatius
12-Oct-2008 (2 comments)

With Iran, probably the biggest foreign policy challenge for the next president, the Bush administration plans to take a helpful step in mid-November by announcing the opening of a U.S. interest section in Tehran. That will break the ice and make it easier for the next president to begin the kind of dialogue with Iran that's necessary. The administration had planned to announce the interest section in August, but Russia's invasion of Georgia and worries about U.S. election politics intervened. Administration officials assure me that it's still coming.

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Postponed due to rain

by yinzer (not verified) on

What happened to the bombing?

I think that the world financial crisis is what happened.


What happend to the bombing?

by tag (not verified) on

I thought he wanted to bomb Iran in November! Poor guy is cut between the hardline Zionists/Neocons and less hardline factions in his administration. Now, this is erratic policy! (McCain is not the only one.)

This is bad news to our "Iranian" Neocons here who have been eagerly waiting for another fireworks in the region to celebrate their ill wishes.