Barack Obama looks to Iran to help bring peace to Afghanistan
The Telegraph / Alex Spillius
11-Nov-2008 (3 comments)

Aides said the incoming Democratic president wants to explore a more regional strategy in Afghanistan, including the possibility of negotiations with Tehran.  During the campaign, Mr Obama described Afghanistan as the central front in the war on terror.  He also said he was open to unconditional talks with Iran, later adjusting his position to say that proper groundwork would have to be in place first.  Aides also revealed he intended to renew the commitment to hunting down Osama bin Laden.  Security advisers to the president-elect were quoted as saying Mr Obama believes the Bush administration has scaled down the hunt for the al-Qaeda leader after years of failing to apprehend him.

News Goffer

US entering thru the East Gate?

by News Goffer on

It seems it is somewhat easier to start talking about Iran's Eastern neighbor as a starting point, as opposed to talking about its Western neighbor, Iraq, or the opening of a US Interests Section in Tehran.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh my god. If Obama catches Bin Laden the world will explode

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We already love him and I think the only thing that could make him that much better is catching Bin Laden!

American Wife

good starting point?

by American Wife on

Would you think that this is a better plan?  Something more mutual in that Iran doesn't want Bin Laden running around either?  I wish there weren't so many different factions weighing in with their 2 cents.  I wish they could just meet and get it over with.  Do ya think Mahmoud would be interested in a round of golf and a couple beers afterwards?