Is Iran's Ahmadinejad losing chance for vote win?
Reuters / Parisa Hafezi
11-Nov-2008 (5 comments)

Instead of ushering in the era of "economic prosperity" he promised in 2005, Ahmadinejad presides over an Iran which may struggle to balance its books despite enjoying windfall oil earnings for much of his first term, analysts say.

But, with most Iranians grumbling about inflation of more than 29 percent and unemployment, the economy is likely to be the main battleground in the June 2009 race when Ahmadinejad is expected to run for another four-year term."Iran's oil revenue since Ahmadinejad was elected is equal to one-third of the country's income since the (1979) Islamic revolution," said Habib Shakurzadeh, a university lecturer."But the country is on the verge of economic collapse."

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by XerXes (not verified) on

I am not Hezbullahi, but I don't hate the regime as much as you do. I dislike it and wish it was a better system. Are you disputing the fact that Iranian system is the freest that we ever had historically?
Are you saying that killing or torture is exclusive to Iran or any countries similar to Iran?
Are you saying that we were Europeans and this regime brought us this attitude? Who do you think is ruling, Iranians. Don't fool yourself and think that Iranians are not Mullah mentality, actually they are. This truth hurts you, but what can I do? it's your problem to realize it and grow up. and I know I get a lot of hate comments for this statement, but I believe it.

The regimes around Iran are puppets of US, they are all dictatorial and much less relaxed than Iran but US is threatened by Iran from having a independent system that doesn't take orders. So they call Iran terrorist or trouble maker. You should know well that Iran has not been participating in ANY terrorist activity and it was those, Kuwait, Saudis, Pakestanis, egyptians, all US friends that are carrying the international terrorists.
Don't give me this none sense since you are blind to see.

If you want to say that the regime is harsh, well it is, when was the last time you went to Iran and felt that the Iranians are so damn socially advanced that the government is keeping them back?
There are many intellectuals in Iran that oppose the actions of the regime, but none want it gone, they want it reformed. And I have a surprise for you: It will.
Because now we decide what we want not the US. So when people inside are all ready, boom there it is. Until then we got what we got. No dreaming, this is what Iran is.
We would have been better off if US didn't overthrow Mosadegh, so blame where blame is due. Because of those kind of actions, we have IR now. What do you want people do? revolt for you? for who? for what? who leads? what's your guarantee that the next power won't be corrupted by the oil money and western push? Do you honesty believe that Iran becomes free once the regime is gone? You got another thing coming. Read history and US and foreign actions and policies in regard to Iran, from back when.
I mean come one people, why is your heads in the sand?
You want to be like Turkey? I don't, and as far as I know, many like me don't either. We want Iranian STYLE democracy, and we need to work on what we got to get it for the future generations. Without any help from those who have no interest of Iran in their mind but their dominance and their own agenda.
After all, you may want to jump from a ditch and fall in the well.
So KW sag e ki bashe? Although I am not sure where you got that news. Give me the source. Is it Channel one or LA based reporting?
Get serious.


برادر گرامی

hahaha (not verified)

برادر گرامی جناب آقای اوباما
ایدک الله تعالی

ضمن تبریک پیروزی غرورآفرین و دشمن شکن حضور امت همیشه در صحنه امریکا
در پای صندوق‌های رای که بلاشک مشت محکمی بود بر دهان استکبار جهانی و
صهیونیسم بین الملل٬ لازم است برای بهتر شدن اوضاع جهانی و مشکلات مردم
امریکا توصیه‌های زیر را در برنامه‌ریزی‌های آتی خود بگنجانید:

۱- آوردن پول نفت بر سر سفره مردم
۲- راه‌اندازی سفرهای ایالتی و جمع آوری چند گونی نامه‌های مردمی
۳- تهیه و نصب یک عدد هاله نورانی
۴- انتقال کاخ سفید از واشنگتن به نیویورک (بخاطر نزدیکی به سازمان ملل تا
بتوانی روزی نیم ساعت بروی آنجا و پشت تریبون تمرین سخنرانی کنی)
۵- تغییر رنگ کاخ سفید به مشکی
۶- با حجاب کردن آن مجسمه خانمی که یک مشعل آزادی در دستش گرفته و نیمی از لباسش پایین افتاده و ممه‌هایش معلوم است.
۷- دستگیری خواننده‌های لوس‌آنجلسی و مجبور کردن آنها به خواندن شعرهای مذهبی و نوحه و دعای کمیل و از اینجور چیزها
۸- بمباران اتمی تلویزیون‌های ایرانی مستقر در لوس‌آنجلس که آبروی اپوزیسیون را بردند.
۹- برگزاری پرشکوه و دشمن شکن نماز جمعه در سراسر امریکا و ایالتهای دورافتاده
۱۰- راه‌اندازی گشت‌های امر به معروف و نهی از منکر و مبارزه با مفاسد اجتماعی و تهاجم فرهنگی و ایجاد حسینیه هالیود
۱۱- برگزاری جشن‌های ختنه سوران در مسابقات دهه فجر و دادن جایزه به قهرمانان این رشته
۱۲- ایجاد دانشگاه آکسفورد در کنار هر پمپ بنزین جهت تربیت نیروهای متعهد و کارآمد


a too-poozi for our Beloved Leader!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) Hey Xerxes, chack this news item and, considering that you are one Hezbollahi supporter of this criminal regime in Iran, I hope you'd enjoy the "too-poozi" that little Kuwait is delivering to your Leader, Khamenehi:

كویت یك دیپلومات تروریست رژیم آخوندی را اخراج كرد
6:23:50 AM 1387/8/22

روزنامه حكومتی جمهوری در شماره امروز خود نوشت: ”سازمان امنیتی كویت یك مسئول ایرانی را عنصر نامطلوب خواند. وی در حالی از كویت بیرون رانده شد كه دارای گذرنامه و مدارك ديپلوماتيك بود. این مسئول ایرانی برخلاف رفتارهای دیپلماتیك در محاصره شدید ماموران امنیتی كویت تا فرودگاه آورده شد و از آن‌جا با یك پرواز به ایران اعزام گردید. روزنامه حكومتی جمهوری به اخراج شمار دیگری از عوامل رژیم آخوندی از كویت اذعان كرد و نوشت: از چندی پیش مقامهاى كویتی اقدام به بیرون كردن بسیاری از اصحاب رسانه و روحانیون و مبلغان مذهبی از این كشور كردهاند. این درحالی است كه تاكنون واكنشی از سوی وزارت خارجه نسبت به این اخراج دیده نشده است“.


Reality sucks You are wrong

by XerXes (not verified) on

Overall policies, like any other countries in the world, won't change. But there are certainly domestic policies that affect people's daily lives and those change based on who is the president. Every president in Iran since Khamenei on had made lives and economy different for the Iranians. Don't take my word for it, go research.

Don't be like those politically arrogant who live in a dream land that Iran used to a democratic nation and now suddenly became "backward" and "dictatorial". It's absolutely not true. Iranians today are more free than anytime during our entire history. Now that's a fact to make the mouth of many wide open.


What difference would it make?

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

Khameneii will still be up there ruling over his miserable subjects even if Ahmadi goes and Khatami or some other loser takes his place PERIOD