Iranian Dissidents Arrive in Brussels to Discuss a Federal Iran
05-Apr-2009 (7 comments)

Representatives of Iranian opposition political parties, minority groups, and civil society have begun arriving in Brussels for a two-day conference examining the state of human rights in Iran and in particular the situation facing Iran's minority Ahwaz, Azerbaijani, Baloch, and Kurdish populations.



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There was a regular blogger nn this site named Ben

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Madadi. I did not concur in general with his political views on geopolitcs but that is not the point.

The point is that he is Azerbaijani and he desired simple things, like people learning Azerbaijani in school. He felt the best way to accomplish this was through Federalism. Over and over he would talk about history, he would explain how in his view Azerbaijanis were at the forefront of forging and protecting what is now the current territorial integrity of Iran. He was very proud of Shah Ismail's particular role in this enterprise (regardless of whatever bad things he may have done). He said over and over again I am a proud Iranian, always have been, always will be.

Over and over he got tormented, attacked, accused of being a pan-Turk. I looked at all his previous writings to see if he had been consistent. He had been.

Ostaad asked if I'm testing the waters. Yes, I am, I am trying to break a taboo in this website about something that is barely ever talked about. I have no firm opinion about it but I am glad the discussion is happening. I just told you Ben's story because I kknow it, but I am following the discussion with great interest. Thank you all for having it.



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I absolutely agree with you.

At a time that separatist groups are being actively fomented, financed, armed and trained by the US, Britain and Israel, in Khuzestan, Baluchestan, Azarbayjan, and Kurdistan with the intention to destabilise and disintegrate Iran, (you must have read Semour Hersh's New Yorker article of last year, for example) talking of Federalism is dangerous. Ostaad, Iran's current geo-political situation and the dangers facing it is very different from Federal US, and other advanced countries you are referring to! I do not know of any attempts by any foreign powers to disintegrate the United States ...
On another note, defending Iran's integrity has nothing to do with Anti-Arab racism. To strengthen Iran's security and to ensure its progress we must live alongside our neighbours with mutual respect and cooperation rather than yielding to the old age Western colonial racist divide and rule.



by OmidKarimi on

When groups like these are talking about federalism, they see it as a first step towards breakaway. I dont blieve that when half a million foreign troops are surrounding your country, and all the super powers have something they want out of you,  this is the time to be experimenting with federalism. 

Its been a long term foreign policy of Europe to make Iran into an Iranistan that makes Afghanistan look like graceland.


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It's absurdly funny that on the home page of the "British Ahwazi Friendship" society, they claim that 4 million Arabs live in an area in south west Iran that was once known as "Arabistan."

What a joke! Yeah, it was called "Arabistan" out of the urging of the British government back in the late 19t century. But what was this area called for over 2 thousand years, all the way back to the time of Cyrus the Great???


This is was the heart of Pars, the pulse of the Persian Empire, and so now, a bunch of British lackeys claim that it should be called "Arabistan." It's akin to Iranians claiming in 100 years that the name of the city of Los Angeles should be changed to Tehrangeles just because a bunch of Iranians live there now!

What a joke! We allow them to immigrate and now they think they own the territory! And one day they will want a separate country, like the "Democratic Republic of Arabistan" or some such mockery! This has been in the works since the late 1960's!



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I went to those web sites. Disgusting those guys are traitors. Those Arab loving Ahwazi guys don't know their history. Long live Iran and Persians.

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testing waters..



Iran can only survive as a federal republic.

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I know the the term "federalism" awakens many painful memories of the time that Iran was ruled by various khans, and in Ahvaz's case a "shiekh", who were killing, looting and plundering each other. That devastating system used to be called "Moluk al-Tavaayefi" which basically means the rule of tribal chieftains.

There are absolutely no resemblances between the Federal and the Moluk al-Tavaayefi systems because the former relies on the rule of law and run by elected representatives, while the latter relied on artbitrary rule by unelected despots. Considering the most advanced countries of the world use the federal system including the US, Germany, Russia and so on, Iran needs to adopt the federal system for its long term prosperity and stability instead of the archaic total control by a central government.

Having said that, most of the Iranians cringe when they see things like "The British Ahwazi Friendship" whatever because they KNOW what it means. Iranians find any politcal movemet or group as suspect if it is supported by the Brits, period. 

Rosie, I am sure you're not that dumb not to know this, wink wink. Maybe you're just testing the waters.