Trita Parsi on Anti-Gov. Protests in Iran
C-Span|Washington Journal / video
12-Dec-2009 (4 comments)

Trita Parsi, National Iranian American Council President, talked about the recent and on-going anti-government protests in Iran and its potential impact on the stability of that country. He talked about international sanctions to bring better human rights in the country and for nuclear development. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.

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khaleh mosheh

Thanks ID jan for

by khaleh mosheh on

the comprehensive answer. 

Its clear that NIAC are doing great work for the Iranian-American community which deserves appreciation. Their beneficial contribution becomes clear to ,anyone who is reasonably unbiased, when they examine what is available on the public domain on what the NAIC are doing.

I wish them all good health and abundant energy so they may carry on their invaluable support to the community.

Best wishes. 


khaleh moshe jan

by IRANdokht on

I have seen supportive comments and statements from him on his facebook page, but not a mohajabeh picture yet. :o)

I am sure you are familiar with their stance on Human rights in Iran.

Here's a link to the NIAC campaign for H.R.888 where you can send your representatives a letter asking them to consponsor H. R.888 in support of the human rights in Iran:

“expresses the continued support and call for a renewed focus on the ‘Green Movement’ within Iran, which embraces the yearning of the Iranian people in seeking freedom, human rights, and fundamental elements of democracy.”

Thanks for bringing it up khaleh. NIAC has been more effective in speaking up against the human rights violations in Iran than any of their enemies who are only throwing slogans at other Iranians and spending their money on smear campaigns against NIAC.


Mola Nasredeen


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A comprehensive analysis of the US/Iran situation. Thanks for posting IranDokht.

khaleh mosheh

Thanks for posting ID jan

by khaleh mosheh on

Trita Parsi is a remarkable young man- Pride of the community.


By the way did he take part in the support campaign for Majid Tavakoli?...Just wondering..