Chinese-made armored anti-riot trucks, equipped with plows, may arrive in Tehran
Los Angeles Times
01-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

An opposition news website is reporting that Iran has imported high-tech armored anti-riot vehicles equipped with water cannons that can douse people with boiling water or teargas.

The U.S.-based Persian-language news website Rahesabz, or Green Path, posted a photograph of what it described as a photograph of two of the trucks arriving at the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas in the south.

The website said the vehicles were a rush order from their manufacturers in China, Dalian Eagle-Sky, according to the blogger Sohrebestan

(See a translation of his post in English at the blog Persian2English.)

With an alleged price of $650,000 a unit, the 25-ton trucks each hold 2,640 gallons of water, which can shoot hot or cold water at a distance of up 220 feet. 

They can also shoot tear gas, burning chemicals or paint stored in three 26-gallon containers.

It includes a plow, which can presumably... >>>

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mahmoudg/Shifteh: make a form-letter for the readers

by MM on

Good job mahmoudg,

Could we change this scathing email to a scathing form-letter that we send to the manufacturor, the Chinese embassy, and especially LATimes (where else???).  This will make it easy on our readers as well as others, if we advertize it, to agree with the form-letter (or change something first) and just click and send the form-letter to the above destinations. 

Imagine if LATimes publishes a story on 300,000 Iranian-Americans objecting to the expedited sale of these anti-riot trucks to the Islamic Repulic by the collaborative communist China to quell the Green movement?  The Chinese losing face in freedom-loving America?  Definitely..

If all agree, can JJ help set this form-letter up for everyone?  Thanks in advance.


I have sent a scathing email to the manufacturer

by mahmoudg on

I suggest all who read this post do the same.  We need to let the Chinese company or companies know that if they continue this behavior and not support the West in toppling this regime, then the forthcoming regime will not do any business with china, and will reconsider the oil and gas deals with the chinese.  We need to let them know Iran is not china to be trampled on with tanks aka Tiennamen (sp?) square.  we will retake our freedom and the Chinese people will learn a thing or two about how to win their freedom.