Green Movement Leader, Mehdi Karroubi, Visits Osanloo’s Family in Iran
Iran Labor Report
20-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

Mehdi Karroubi, the opposition Green Movement leader in Iran, paid a visit to Mansour Osanloo’s home on July 17 visiting the whole family who were present. During the visit, Osanloo’s mom thanked Karroubi for his stands since the disputed presidential elections in Iran and his visit to the Osanloo family.

Osanloo’s mother provided an account of the difficulties the family has endured including those of Osanloo’s daughter in law, Zoya Samadi. Zoya was kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location on June 23 and was severely beaten and tortured. She later suffered a miscarriage following the assaults.

Mehdi Karroubi, expressing his sorrow and deep sadness of the treatments, wished for speedy release of Mansour Osanloo from jail according to Saham News, tied with Karroubi. Reminiscing the time of the struggle against the Shah’s regime, Karroubi said: “The barbaric treatments of individuals and their families are cruelties that even Shah’s regime with all its corruption did not commit against the families and I, as part of the system, feel so shamed. But do not put these actions on account of Islam and Imam.”

Meanwhile, on July 18, Mansour Osanloo was once again accused of propaganda against the system by the sixth revolutionary court prosecutors office in the city of Karaj where he is being held. He has been tried on the same charges and has spent the last four years in prison. Many labor organizations and activists world-wide have calle... >>>

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Mr Osanloo is in jail because he asked for the basic rights for his and his trade union comrades.

Darius Kadivar

Why Do You Think I Voted for the Friar Tuck ? ;0)

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Support campaign for freedom of labour activists!

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Sample protest letter (Updated July  20, 2010)
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Support campaign for freedom of labour activists!
Free Tehran Bus Workers' Leaders Now!
Free all jailed labour activists now!

I (we) am (are) writing this to demand an immediate freedom of all imprisoned representatives and members of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company and all other labour activists currently incarcerated in different prisons in Iran.
I (we) also strongly denounce the kidnapping and torture of Mr. Mansour Osanloo’s daughter-in-law. As the result of this gruesome act, Ms. Zoya Samadi suffered a miscarriage as she was pregnant at the time.
 As of this time, three leaders and elected representatives of Vahed Syndicate are in prison. Mr. Mansour Osanloo, Syndicate's president of the board of directors (serving five year jail sentence since 2007, Mr. Ebrahim Madadi, Vice-President (serving 3.5 year jail sentence since late 2007); , and Mr. Reza Shahabi, Treasurer (arrested on June 12, 2010).

 Mr. Osanloo has been subject to harassment and threats of new charges by prison officials. While in prison, Mr. Osanloo has recently been interrogated and accused of relationship with opposition groups as well as insulting leaders of the Islamic Republic. These allegations have been denied by Osanloo.

 In addition, there are many other labour activists in prisons and persecuted.   Asad Moloudzadeh, Behnam Alizadeh, Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, Alireza Akhavan and Pejman Rahimi, all labour activists, have been arrested and charged or jailed for their labour activities in recent weeks. 

 I (we) demands immediate and unconditional freedom of all these labour activists.  I (we) condemn this new round of attack against Tehran bus workers' union and the continuous gross attacks on human and workers’ rights in Iran.

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