Unexpected passing of our dear and cherished friend, Dr. Bijan Pakzad
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17-Apr-2011 (2 comments)

We received news of the sudden and unexpected passing of our dear and cherished friend, Dr. Bijan Pakzad, with deep sorrow. All who knew the singular man known by his singular name, will understand our loss.


Bijan's accomplishments are too numerous to recite and they do not tell the whole story of the man we knew.  He was as creative as he was kind.  He was as generous as he was smart.  He was as happy as he was hopeful.  He would light up a room by his presence.  His enthusiasm for design, for craftsmanship, for beauty was contagious.  To visit with him was to enter a unique and charming environment---indeed, the House of Bijan was one of the most hospitable and enjoyable places.


We will remember Bijan, fondly and gratefully, as the true friend he was, most of all, for his incredible and genuine pride in being Iranian.  It may seem as though he left Iran.  But Iran never left him.  Bijan remained a patriotic Iranian every day of his glorious life.  He never forgot where he came from, nor the people he left behind.  His philanthropy was legendary.

As we bid this untimely farewell to this worthy son of Iran, we will hold Daniella, Nicholas, Alexandra and Mahtab in our hearts.  


Reza & Yasmine Pahlavi

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اختر خانوم

A doctor for sick fashion

by اختر خانوم on

May no Irooni die, before becoming a doctor, or a mohandes!!!



by shamsi on

  The letter from Mr. & Mrs. Pahlavi is  a tremendous comfort at the time of grief, we all mourn the loss of the one and only Bijan. May he rest in peace. It's good to know so many good people.