Russian colonel who tortured Chechen girl to death is given a hero's funeral
The Independent / Shaun Walker in Khimki
16-Jun-2011 (one comment)

A former Russian army colonel convicted of the torture and murder of an 18-year-old Chechen girl was given a hero's burial yesterday, after he was shot dead by unknown attackers in Moscow last week.


Hundreds of Russian nationalists joined family and former army comrades at the funeral of Yuri Budanov, at a small church in Khimki, on the outskirts of Moscow. The air was thick with the smell of incense and freshly cut carnations as a long line of mourners filed past the open coffin to kiss Budanov's corpse. Choral music echoed around the church, but the tranquil setting could not hide the controversial past of the central player.



Now imagine if he were a Zionist!

by Simorgh5555 on

Russia the invaders of Iran. The inaders of of our Afghan brothers. The inaders of neighbouring Georgia an Iranian territory. The inader neeighboring Chechnya. Russia the country which pillagd Iran and forced us to make humiliating treaties such as the Torkamanchai and ripped away Azarbaijan from Iran and invaded Gilan. Russia the only country which is bankrolling the Mullahs and vetoes every resolution in favour of the Terrorist Regime. Russia whose also supported their Slav brothers in committing genocide against thousands of Bosnian Muslims. 

Go on kid yoursleves. Continue to lick the arse of the Russian puppet masters you trators.

God Bless Israel the ONLY true friend of Iran left in the region.

 אלוהים יברך את ישראל