Complaint filed against Ahmadinejad over embezzlement
04-Oct-2011 (one comment)

Iranian deputies urge Khameini to "cut the hands" of those involved in $2.6b. embezzlement; evidence links Ahmadinejad chief of staff to crime.

Iqbal Latif

Iranian deputies urge Khameini to "cut the hands"

by Iqbal Latif on

Eleven Iranian deputies filed a complaint against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Central Bank Governor Mahmoud Bahmani over an embezzlement scandal of $2.6 billion in the country's seven banks, pan-Arab daily Al Hayat reported Tuesday.Ahmadinejad has denied any government wrongdoing and has urged the judiciary to pursue the case vigorously. At least 19 arrests have been made so far. That adds to pressure on President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was already under fire from hardline conservatives who accuse him of being in the thrall of a "deviant current" of advisers trying to undermine the authority of Khamenei and the clergy's role in the Islamic Republic. The hardline Kayhan newspaper said the mastermind behind the fraud had links with Ahmadinejad's chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie. The publisher of another conservative daily Siyasat-e Rouz speculated that some of the stolen money was given to the "deviant current" for use in the parliamentary election campaign. The judiciary said the scam involved an Iranian investment company fraudulently securing bank loans on a massive scale.