The Original Sin and Assassinating Iranian Scientists
17-Feb-2012 (2 comments)

The well-documented pattern of Israel’s policy of targeted killings shows that the assassination of Iranian scientists is neither the first nor the last of Israel’s acts of terrorism. It also shows that the claim that Iran’s nuclear program presents an “existential” threat to Israel is no more than a harebrained excuse to deflect attention from the real threat to Israel: hardline Zionism, or the ideology of colonization and occupation by military force.

As long as this poisonous ideology (which is dangerous not only to the Palestinian people but also, ultimately, to the Jewish people) persists, so would resistance and opposition to it—hence, eternal “existential” threats to Israel. Today that threat is said to come from Iran and Hezbollah, yesterday it came from Nasser’s Egypt and the PLO, tomorrow it would be from other sources of anti-occupation in the region … and the day after it would be from anti-apartheid forces worldwide, including many among Jewish people, just as it happened in South Africa.

Many well-intentioned critics, including a large number of far-sighted Jews, have long warned against the inherent limits and dangers of occupation and rule by military force. Such concerns are perhaps best expressed by these sage yet simple words of Albert Einstein: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Radical Zionist leaders have responded, in a patronizing fashion, that while Einstein was a good s... >>>

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AK: These attacks come days after NBC reported that Israel had been coordinating with the Iranian terror group the MEK to assassinate nuclear scientists in Iran. Obviously, it’s an interesting report in the context of your own article in Foreign Policy
that pointed to a different Sunni extremist group in Pakistan that
Israel had been collaborating with. What are your thoughts on this news
in the context of your own reporting as well as the attacks overseas?

MP: Well, NBC did a good job and they got it. The
story was always out there, there were a lot of reporters following it.
It doesn’t come exactly as a shock. It was headlined in the mainstream
media as kind-of to be expected. That Israel is cooperating with the MEK
is not a surprise. They’re a much more robust group than, say,
Jundallah. They certainly have the capabilities to do assassinations
inside of Iran. They are a natural suspect in the killing of the




Rosamz, zionists will always confeuse real cimes.




Looks like one Crazy author

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I think he is stuck in 1976. Hate America and everyone else is right but American imperialist.