Despite tough talk in Iran, Israeli homefront could be pummeled by devastating counterattack
Chicago Tribune
20-Feb-2012 (2 comments)

In a questionably timed move, the Cabinet minister in charge of civil defense in recent days resigned to become the ambassador to faraway China.

Vice Prime Minister Dan Meridor, who also serves as minister of intelligence and atomic energy, indicated Saturday that Israel was facing a new type of peril.

"Whereas in the past, there was a battlefield where tanks fought tanks, planes fought planes, there was a certain push not to see the homefront affected. Now the war is mainly in the homefront," said the normally tight-lipped Meridor.

"The whole of Israel (is vulnerable to) tens of thousands of missiles and rockets from neighboring countries. So of course we need to understand the change of paradigm," he continued. "If there is a war, and I hope there isn't a war, they are not just going to hit Israeli soldiers. The main aim is at civilian populations."

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Hope, the IRI will not just

by vildemose on

Hope, the IRI will not just talk BS and actually Proceed with their pre-emptive strike. 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Esfand Aashena

Iran: Pre-emptive strike against enemies possible

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