Khadijeh Moghaddam

Equality activist arrested

Change for Equality: April 8, 2008; On the morning of April 8th, security police forcibly entered the home of Khadijeh Moghaddam, women’s rights activist and member of the One Million Signatures Campaign and arrested her. Khadijeh Moghaddam who is a member of the Mother’s Committee of the Campaign was transferred to Eshrat Abad Security Police, where she was interrogated for several hours, and then transferred to the Revolutionary Courts, where she was interrogated by the Mr. Sobhani the Investigative Judge in charge of her case and charged. A temporary arrest order was issued and a bail amount of 100 Million Tomans (roughly $110,000) was set as a condition for her release. Moghaddam was then transferred to Vozara Detention Center>>>



1979 Again

by Mehdi on

I just realized that the same nonsense was being circulated in 1979. Anybody who tried to bring up facts about Iran and Shah was immediately branded as "Savaki" or "Taghooti" and dependants of Shah or someone who was being paid to say those things. The same nonsense is going on again. Makes you wonder why. The same stupid commies with tehir perverted view of facts spreading nonsense trying to get destroy Iran and call it revolution! Obviously, shameless people.


I see how it works

by Mehdi on

So if I say something that you can't answer, that means that I must be deceiving ha? Or it means that I am a supporter of tyranny! Well, maybe it means you don't know what you are talking about. Maybe you are an agent of the imperialist West intent on destroying Iran under the giuse of an activist? There is no better way to find out, than you answer the questions instead of baseless accusations. Let's see if there is an answer for the specific questions I asked. Or is it just hype, emotion and accusations?

It is too bad that IRI is blocking this site. I think the so-called activists and oppositions that show up on this site would make IRI look like a dream for people in Iran! Some of these guys are an embarrassement! Like somebody said here, this is not an insult, it is just plain fact.


Those who want to support the IRI

by StayInIRAN (not verified) on

Those who support the IRI government and post on this site are simply hypocrites.

This website is blocked in Iran, therefore people living in Iran cannot view or login. Anyone posting in support of IRI is actually living outside of Iran.

To those hypocrites we want to say it sounds like you dont follow your own advice. Either you cannot take the heat in IRI and dont want to live there, or you are an IRI agent spreading terrorism in "support of your beloved IRI" outside Iran.

If you want to support the IRI, what are you doing living outside of Iran? Of all people you have no business advising anyone to support the IRI because you yourself even do not want to live under that regime.

No ruling government that oppresses human rights is worth supporting. People should not shut up and put up. People should ask for the basic human rights that are denied today in Iran. SHAME on those who support oppression.


Mhedi you are asking for pitty

by BIGfoot (not verified) on

Mister Mehdi, you are one unrepenting arrogant fool. Only stating facts no offence intended.
Because you have yourselves foold so perfectly does not mean you can deceive others.


Anonymous222, if you can

by Mehdi on

Anonymous222, if you can define what IRI is clearly, I promise to go back to Iran and never speak here again! Just define for me who or what the IRI EXACTLY is. Name people that ARE the IRI so that we know EXACTLY who or what it is. I think defining what IRI is would go a long way in our "battle against tyranny!"


bigfoot, tyranny and

by Mehdi on

bigfoot, tyranny and oppression has been around for much much longer than the life of IRI. So don't pretend like if IRI was handled, all of a sudden the whole world would be heaven. Just because I point our that antagonizing the current regime is not the right strategy doesn't mean that I support tyrany and oppression, genious! You look at what is going on among the Mujahedeen, still the largest, noisiest "opposition" to IRI - are you telling me there is heaven in Camp Ashraf? Are you telling me there is no sign of tyranny or oppression there? Can you name one group that is free from any tyranny and oppression? How about getting a grip on reality?


REALMAN, "Everyday women's

by Mehdi on

REALMAN, "Everyday women's right are being denied" EVRYWHERE in the WORLD, along with MEN'S rights and ANIMALS' rights and PLANTS' rights. So this is not something unique to IRI or even to women. So what's the obssession with ONLY IRI? And then you show your pathetic racist mentality that apparently Arab women are less than Iranian woman! That's just a disgusting view to have. And you are the one to bring equality for us? With your racist mentality? God help us if people with your mentality are our only hope!


"you know what...all of our"

by Anonymous54 (not verified) on

Bow to rial with faith and fertitude and sincerity and everyone starts getting out of shit well one by one including the Anonymous00000000000000000...

Shit happens? No, This way shit will never happen
Does shit have a sound? No this way shit becomes speechless and mute without sound
What is the nature of shit? Is it original or secondary and by product? It is out of the question as the axoim first postulates that shit can never happen as each and everyone will manage to crawl out of the shit well.

How can shit ever come back in the future if ever? the only way is when one is bending too much to look at the abyss of shit well and accidently lose control and start having a free fall beyond rescue...

Let me know bow one more time to rial and see all those who have crawled their way out of the shit well prostrate along with me or not...

...shit comes and go... regime comes and go...but rial will be always loved and adored...


who did you come up with the

by Anonymous9999999999999 (not verified) on

who did you come up with the idea that IR-Supporters at the minority?? just because desperate anti-government people can only post on does not mean Supporters of IR-iran are in minority. We have the power now, you can either help the government to make iran better or you can help america to reach its national interests. all i'm saying enough with this hate of Islamic Republic. it is really getting old. we need new ideas, more freedom, and fresh creative thought rather than bad mouthing the regime all the time. one is in love with IR. i am definitely not...that said, at the same time, at the bottom of my heart i know that the real problem does not lie in the goverment. IR has done really good job of keeping Iran secure and stable. for god's sake, look at our neighbors blowing up every day, look at our other neibors sucking america's ass to get tall buildings...we as a nation don't know how to appreciate what we have and then built on it...i hate this regime, yes, but i love it at the same time...i will never do anything to hurt IR, because that is helping our enemies...and i will ask all of you to look at the issue not as black and white but with a fresh look...i remember my parents bad mouthing IR even when simple lights went off...i am ashamed of them now...i hated IR with my guts, but now i'm starting to see the big picture.


the hell with you no brainers

by Anonymous222 (not verified) on

what the hell is wrong with many of you supporting IRI? some of you lives in US, and dares to open her/his big mouth and say that IRI is ok. If it is so good, why don't you go back and live there and see if it is good or not. living in US, Europe or Iran and being on their payroll;) ya ,, of course it is easy to say ,,, let us support our GOVERNMENT. SHAME ON YOU.


Release her NOW!

by WE NEED AMERICAN AGENTS (not verified) on

What is wrong with American gents helping us remove the regime of mollas? we haven't had the guts nor the grit to do it. Let them do it for us. I say, Long Live Iran under American authority!



by SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED! (not verified) on

this lady is part of a movement backed by US government. don't be NAIVE people! She is not an equality activist, she is a pro-imperialist cheerleader masquarading around as a feminist.


The illusive truth...

by Sekkeh (not verified) on

As I read these comments, quite honestly both sides make sense, just as much as they sound illogical in terms of the other side. But there's got to be a third side or more to our often black and white Persian mentality: either a friend or a foe; either an IR lover or an anti government pro-western; either a virgin or kharaab, etc.


you know what...all of our

by Anonymous00000000000000000 (not verified) on

you know what...all of our governments end up being the same piece of know why? because we're the same piece of shit people all the time...i know truth hurts...that is why i support IR-Iran...that is all we can come up it or atleast support your government so that you won't make your country and people weaker that they already are...


To people who come here in

by azadi5 (not verified) on

To people who come here in support of iranian regime, be thankful that this is a free forum and you can voice your opinion as others who oppose you.

Make no mistake about it, you are a minority on Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this freedom of speech to voice your opinion and I hope you learn the value of freedom of speech. Maybe you can take this freedom of speech that you see here to the regime that you support and see what kind of reaction you get from them. But you know that you will have the same fate as this female activist. And I dare you to argue otherwise.

But, I do hope that a time will come when me, you, and every other Iranian can enjoy the value and benefit of freedom of speech in our beloved country Iran.


You are a shamesless bunch.

by bigfoot (not verified) on

You are a shamesless bunch. Its not your rights so you justify tyranny and oppression.


It is their rights!

by Dariush (not verified) on

It is a shame if she is being treated badly. As I have said once before this movement need to requst rights (not demand). They must show in demonstrations they are not pro west to and anti goverment. They need to be flexible to get their request passed one by one, so the government can digest and not choke on them.
Men must stop discriminating. Why stick the woman in a bag because a man does not control himself? Law must punish men who don't behave not women! As long as it is not extreme.


To mehdi and anonymous99999

by REALMAN (not verified) on

How insulting for women to have iranian men like you two...Everyday women's right are being denied in Iran and more freedom is taken. Don't be so ignorant because one day iranian women wil conquer. They are not arab women...Iranian women are strong and free will. You two better stay in hidding when the day comes and we get rid of all the unequality. My wife is beautiful, intellegent, and independent and I love her for who she is.


by Anonymous999999999999999999999999 (not verified) on is becoming an anti-islamic-republic Hub. It is kind of sad. this site has totally changed from what it was several years ago. in the face of enemy (arabs, americans, isreal) i support the current government of Iran. IR-of-Iran has lots of problems, yes, but it is none-the-less iran's government. we should use our power to reform it, make it better, make it more representive of ALL iranians, instead of opposing it...opposing IR will only make iran and iranians weaker than they are today...IR is not an evil goverment that hates it's people...IR needs our helping hand to become better day by day...let's all support the IR with all its shortcommings.


Same reason

by Mehdi on

It's basically the same reason that Shah would imprison a couple of misguided youth such as Mojehedin, Cheriks, etc. I am not sayin IRI is flawless. what I am saying is that such "activism" is not what our nation needs. No hero games please. Improvements do take time and hard work. That's what I am saying.

If you antagonize the government, they bring "thugs." This is not the right thing to do for them but they do. But what we can do, is reach the same goals but using ways that is not antagonizing.


well then

by MRX1 (not verified) on

why is a regime with millions of dollars of petro dollar income, 125000 thugs called Pasdar and Basij or what ever is afraid of an old lady who is asking for basic rights?


Good News!

by Mehdi on

I have finally gone overboard! :) IRI does not need "activists" and revolutionaries disguised as do-gooders. IRI needs a helping hand just like Shah did and nobody helped him - instead we attacked the one man who was at least trying to improve conditions in Iran! We should not make the same mistake. Regime in Iran right now is ripe for improvement. It should not be attacked just because it is trying its best to be democratic. These people (so-called activists) are only harming people by antagonizing the government instead of reaching out and giving it a hand. This regime is not the same as the one 29 years ago and it is time we realized that.