Khomeini: "Nothing"

One of Khoneini's most famous quotes

Returning to Iran from exile on Feb 11 1979, Khomeini was asked by a foreign reporter how he felt? "Heech!" (Nothing), Khomeini replied. He probably just didn't want to reply to the constant questions. Nevertheless, it is a moment in history frequently recalled by Iranians.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What do you call the countless children killed while sweeping for landmines? Or the children who are executed in violation of not only imternational law but simple human decency?

Those are stupid mistakes? Mismanagement?

Be jehanam with your stupid mistakes and mismanagement and the IRI.



by Hashem (not verified) on

The "stupid mistakes" of the regime were the mismanagements in the early years of the revolution.

But those "Iranians killed by the regime" were all either terrorists or thugs.

Thank god the mullahs took a strong stand and executed them, preventing them from gunning down innocent people and tearing the country apart (as happened in Iraq -- go read "the assassin's gate").

If the mullahs had not take a strong stand against the terrorists, the likes of you would now be accusing the regime of incompetence.

Now that 30 years has gone by, it’s easy for the opposition to look back and say "oh, people were killed".

The question is what would they themselves do? The same opposition that doesn't have the competence to manage a decent satellite TV station.


حزب فقط حزب

برادره سامانتا (not verified)

حزب فقط حزب الله

رهبر فقط روح الله

توپ تانک مسلسل

دیجر اثر ندارد

دیجر اثر ندارد

الاغ به این حماقت

دیگر رقیب ندارد!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You are being nothing more than the typical IRI apologist.

Those stupid mistakes they made 30 years ago? The deaths of how many Iranians and you call it a stupid mistake?

I'm not interested in seeing mollahs hanged. That is not going to hold them accountable for what you call "stupid mistakes". But the mollahs have no business in government, period. And they need to be removed from any position where they may have influence on a legitimate government that operates under modern civil law.

There will be no such thing as greater freedom or an improved economy under the IRI. To even suggest the idea indicates either blatant ignorance or hopeless naievete on your part. Either way, that's tragic. The same goes for your thoughts on civil war.

I'm sorry, but you are clearly blind to reality in this matter. But then again, every single one of you apologists have always been since day one. And I don't know which is worse: apologists like yourself or the degenerate criminal element in Tehran that you and your kind have enabled for the past 30 years.



by Hashem (not verified) on

Your comments show that you are the type of Iranian that doesn't care if Iran falls into civil war and is split up and that thousands will be killed by the sepratists groups.

All you care about is seeing the Islamic Republic toppled.

Even if the regime were to drastically be reformed, such that the economy improves and there were to be greater freedom, that still won't be good enough for people like you, will it? As long as you haven't seen the mullahs hanged, you won't feel satisfied.

And all because they made a bunch of stupid mistakes three decades ago.

My advice to you; make sure that when you people come to power, you have have everything planed out. Because according to your own standards there is no forgivnes in this game.

You say that you "despise that [Khomieni] and the entire IRI". Well the Khomieni-supporters dispiesed the Shah, and thats why the hanged his supporters.

Are you people willing to be rational in dealing with the conquered? Your comments suggest otherwise, leaving little difference between you and the mullahs.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Unfortunately this isn;t something buried 30 years ago that was "dug up". Rather, this was merely a preview of what was to come.

This comment and the other, long after he landed and had a chance to sleep away his "jet lag", where he said he couldn't care less what happens to Iran as long as Islam triumphs, show a sick degenerate mind.

He ordered the death of General Pakravan, the man who actually saved that miserable bastard's life in 1963. (Nice way to thank the man who kept you from being executed, isn't it?)

It was merely the beginning. I'm not going to go on about it, because, despite your assertions to the contrary, I'm not a paid operative. I despise that piece of trash and the entire IRI for free.


Ever heard of jetlag?

by Hashem (not verified) on

These Pahlavi lovers have had 3 decades to dig up dirt in Khomienis past and what he did after the revolution.

And yet all they can come up with is some comment he made while sitting in an airplane with jetlag! They expect him to give a politically-correct response off the top of his head after an 8 hour flight?

And for 3 decades the only tactic they've been able to come up with is to lable anyone who speeks in defence of Khomieni as a payed-opperative.

I mean, come on guys, have some novelty for Christ's sake!


The Pahlavi story is dead and buried

by James Smith (not verified) on

the Pahlavis have 0% chance of ever coming back to power.

reza Pahlavi will never see Iran again.

Reza and Ali Reza Pahlavi will never see Iran again. Give it 1 to 2 generations all the money Mohammad Reza Pahlavi stole from Iran will be spent. Their descendants will have to work for a living.

The party is over.



by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

Same tactic as other pro-IRI, non-sense is still non-sense even if cloaked under multiple names. Maybe you should get a job with IRI as you use the same tactics of deception in place of rational argument.

She has this kind of passport, and he has green card. So what? Some 4 million iranians are spread around the world holding 191 different kinds of passports because of khomeini. That is no big deal and no crime, even under radical IRI laws. Had shah been in place all 4 million of them would be in iran except for a very small few.

Obviously you do not know that all the stuff that you are saying is pure non-sense. There are much better ways to criticize phlavis than saying that reza pahlavi has green card. That is pure childish and has no impact on who he is, good or bad. Had you really been knowledgeable, you could argue much better and based on much more significant issues that who has which passport, or who was installed by who. You are very naive to assume that an idiot like khomeini caused the revolution all by himself. No way Jose. I let you find out about recently declass'ed documents to see what they say about BOTH shah and khomeini and who really staged khomeini's revolution.


We are Talking about 1925-1979

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Keep it to the topic of 1925-1941.

Don't stray from the topic.

The Pahlavis were dictators.

The Pahlavis restricted political freedoms.

The Pahlavis put Mossadegh in Prison.

Mossadegh Nationalized the Oil industry.

Let it be known, Mossadegh was a monarchist, but he believed in a Monarchy like Western Europe... a Constitutional Monarchy. The Pahlavis were against constitutional monarchy. That is why they fell from power.

Again 1925-1979... The worst years of Iranian history.

There was no freedom of religion during the reign of Reza Shah (1925-1941).

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a weak leader. Khomayni easily toppled Mohammad Reza's government on February 11, 1979.

In January 1979 Khomayni told the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to leave Iran. What did the Shah do? He left Iran and then became an Egyptian. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is buried in Egypt.

Mohammad Reza's children hold Egyptian passports. They are Egyptian citizens. They are not Iranians.

For once and for all, let us talk about 1925-1979.

Jamshid Niavarani
Iranian Historian


Yes, JC = JN

by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

Khar hamaan khar hast, faghat paalaanash avaz shodeh.

Jamshid Niavarani is the same as John Carpenter with the same none-sense. Same idiotic non-sense with another fake name.

If JC = JN is not iranian, then his distaste for pahlavis is a blessing.

If he claims to be iranian, which I doubt, then obviously an iranian-claimant like him deserves likes of antarinejad as shah was too good for him. His intellect is at the level of IRI leaders, and thus should similarly hate pahlavis.

As the persian proverb says, an excrement trader went to the perfume bazaar, he then said: what an awful smell this bazaar has. The same reflection that JN=JC has towards pahlavis, one of the greatest iranian dynasties due to their gigantic contribution to overthrow of those bastard ghajar addicts.


J.C. aka J.N. aka ...

by Anonymous but truthful (not verified) on

Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Shah had savak, so what; EVERY country on the face of the earth has a savak. Obviously you had no counter argument for the factual data that I gave you. Shah had a lot of short-comings, but so does ANY other leader, just that his short-comings were far far less than what was before or came after him and iran was far more prosperous than anytime in the last 200 years. That is not my saying, but from an article from stanford hoover institute.

Changing to a new name does not solve your problem, i.e., hatred that reza shah ate lunch of your ghajar ancestors and your lack of knowledge about iran at least to make an reasoned argument.


The Pahlavis were the worst idiots in Iranian History

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

Forget the Qajars.
We are talking about Modern Iran.
1925-1979 was the worst time for Iranians.
Freedom of Speech was not permitted by the Shah's SAVAK.
The Pahlavis should be condemned.
The Pahlavis action brought the Islamic Republic to power.
All the problems in Iran today stem from the Pahlavi family.
They ruined the country and then ran away and became Arab passport holders.
The Pahlavis all have Arab names.
I curse the Pahlavis and 70 million Iranians also curse the Pahlavis.


You are all wrong....

by Anonymous but truthful (not verified) on

On two counts: despite all that pahlavis (father and son) did or did not do, that you like or dislike, no iranian nationalist should dispute the following:

(1) The biggest deed of reza shah was to get rid of ghajar addicts who lost a third of iran to pay for their european trips and their french whores. Reza shah should be praised for this even if he had done nothing but for this.

(2) The biggest misdeed of shah was to not stand up to khomeini and his anti-iranian gangsters. Mohammad reza shah should be cursed if he had done nothing but for this.

(3) I bet that satan, devil, and all the evils in hell would collectively want to get rid of khomeini from hell. They are all afraid that khomeini may screw them all in hell! This SOB khomeini is too much of a nasty character, even for the hell, and even compared to the devil himeself.

Kaveh Nouraee

To Ayatoilet...

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Satan is sodomizing him?

That's a total contradiction of what Mick Jagger sang in Sympathy For The Devil when (as the Devil) he sang,

"I'm a man of wealth and taste."

Certainly that would mean that Satan has better taste than to sodomize that Indian piece of crap.

I mean, yes I know, it is Satan, but even he has standards.



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

Definitely Khomeini is burning in hell right now being sodomized by Satan while Khalkhali urinates in Khomeini's mouth in order to cool the Imam in the raging fire.



by JOHN CARPENTER III (not verified) on



Jenaab sahang Hemayat

by Arteshi (not verified) on

Good to hear from you jenaab. Payandeh Iran.



by naz nazi (not verified) on

You are very funny in a sick kind of way


Ruhollah Khomeni Foundataion; Please Help Generously

by Ann no ni moos (not verified) on

Dear Iranian Bretheren and sisters,

I have started a foundation to commemorate and honor the memory of our beloved Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Between now and end of year 2008, whenever you go to the toilet, please do not flush your excrememt.
Place it in a plastic bag and mail your donation to:

Blessed Khomeini Memorial Mosque
Khiabane Mostareh
Chahar Rahe Goh
Shomare 11
Tehran, 13546

We will ornate the tumb of the Imam with your feces and if possible, we will keep the supply super fresh so that the aroma never leaves the area and you can be reminded of the spirit of the Imam.

ps. before donation, eat a lot of Mexican Beans


Khomeinis legacy: Legal

by Khomeini's legacy (not verified) on

Khomeinis legacy: Legal pedophilia,
stoning, sigheh(temporary prostitution), eye-gouging, amputating limbs, exterminating all oppositions, economy for donkeys, financing terror, sowing the seeds of hatred; drug addiction, prostitution, immorality, corruption of a grand scale, squandering the national wealth and resources; etc...

Shah was a Saint compared to the mullahs. The mullahs have looted (stealing) and killed more people in one day than the Shah did in his entire reign.

An Iranian man and his buddy stoned the man's 14 year-old daughter to death after suspecting that she was having a relationship.
AKI reported:

A man known as Sharif has reportedly stoned his fourteen-year-old daughter to death in southeastern Iran because for allegedly having a relationship with a man.

Sharif's wife reported him to police after he and a friend killed the girl in Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan province.

Sharif showed no sign of remorse, telling police who interrogated him: "I suspected that my daughter had a relationship with a man and I had to stone her to death as she had besmirched my honour."

"I had no other choice," he said, telling police how he had carried out the stoning.


Q is for chicken

by Q (not verified) on

Q is supposed to stand for Kioumars, other than that it is a chicken by any other name. There are only 10 people in this website that use their real name, real picture, and a brief biography of themselves, most of them living in the USA. Other than that the rest of the users on this website are chickens.

Overall there are 50 users who use a name that might be a real name, and a picture that is recognizable as of a person and might be a real picture of themselves. None of them live in Iran; most of them live in the USA, Canada, and European countries. So much so for so called bravery. Most people on this website, including Q are chickens. Most users have figured out with this dual register/unregister system it is better to be unregistered.


to:aaminian: I didn't have

by lll (not verified) on


I didn't have time to go through all your sources.

Your knowledge of facts is weak, not to say nonexistent. Your understanding of issues is very poor, not to say idiotic. Your command of concepts and theory is opaque, not to say entirely muddled.

So I will tear you apart slowly at the time of my own choosing, one point at a time -and not to make you suffer, but just so that you can begin to surmise the real nature of things outside your empty skull


Legacy of a

by Anonymousll (not verified) on


I'm not the "deleter" but I'm glad someone is doing it

by Q on

Anonymous^2, you are such an idiot.

Q leaves vulgar comments and yet deletes others...

If that's true, you should be able to point to some vulgarity that I have left which is still not deleted. Where is it smart guy? (which you are not!).

I call coward chickens like you "moron" and "idiot" in response to real filth that you and your elementary school friends use. I can't delete anthing, and if I could, I would delete a lot more. But I am glad JJ has the good taste to shut you up when you deserve it.



Dorood bar khomeini! He got

by 984357 (not verified) on

Dorood bar khomeini! He got rid of the parasites that we still see their remnants on this site.


Q is one of the deleters here...

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Q leaves vulgar comments and yet deletes others...

Now, Jahanshah Javid must realize that when he allows a video of a all time criminal (e.g., Khomeini) to be posted on his website, he should not expect people leave Noghl'o Nabbat behind!?!?

I expect everyone to leave the nastiest, the vulgarest, the most profane of all comments under this post.


To: Farrad02

by Jahanshah (not verified) on

Nothing is sacred here, even censorship. So, don't waste your and my time asking these stupid questions.


QUESTION for JAHANSHAH JAVID - for the 100th time!!!

by farrad02 on

Aghaye Jahanshah,

Someone is deleting my comments WHOLESALE! For example, I left a comment for this entry that had NO profanity, no bad words and no personal attacks. WHY was it deleted?

As I requested through EMAIL before, PLEASE provide a way for the deleter to specify WHY the comment was deleted!

And WHO are these deleters you have? How where they selected?

JAHANSHAH, I know this is your website, but the game played here is NOT fair!  

You need to tell us what is going on?!!!! And who is actually controlling this thing now?




by aaminian on

If you were an intellectual and well-versed in foreign affairs, which you obviously are not, you'd understand that the Library of Congress is NOT a "leftist" orgnization. Additionally, I do NOT associate myself with any political parties as MOST (I am sure you are a "rightist") Americans do as if Truth comes in two colors, black and white.


Besides, I believe as an Iranian, I know a lot more about my country than a Neo-Con who'is "regorgitating" the Bushite Propaganda.