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Massoud Khodabandeh @massoudkhodabandeh

Massoud Khodabandeh Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants Iranian born. more about me on

Leeds U.K.

کیهان لندن - مسئول واقعی حمله به ليبرتی كيست؟

صحبت دیروز بنده با آقای بیژن فرهودی (کیهان لندن) در رابطه با حمله اخیر به کمپ ترانزیت لیبرتی در عراق و کشته شدن بیش از بیست نفر بعلاوه حدود دویست نفر دیگر. مسئول کیست؟ ... Continue reading »

An Unfinished documentary for my daughter - Trapped in Rajavi cult, Mojahedin Khalq

An unfinished story about the Mohammadi family who were deceived by the Mojahedin Khalq in Canada. This is the story of a father who lost his daughter to the cult and who is still trying to rescue her from captivity in Iraq. The documentary charts the history of this bizarre group and how its cultic ... Continue reading »

Maryam Rajavi's annual Rally in Villepinte. This year promoting ISIS, MEK, Saddamists – Everyone Loses

A scene from a previous MEK rent-a-crowd rally in Villepinte   This past Friday in Paris, the Mojahedin Khalq held its annual rally to celebrate its violent past. This year, as every year, the MEK will pay both speakers and audience to attend.  The annual rally is increasingly exposed and mocked by ... Continue reading »

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