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خجالت داره , هواپیما ساخت ایران بود. ساله ٢٠٠٨. ایران ساختن IN ١٤٠ رو شورو کرد تا کشور رو خود کفا کنه . حالا میگن لوازم یدکی ندارن .


Aziz Alshammari i am from Arabian land i believe the kingdom of saudi the royal family and the usa and isreal must be destroy from the earth ...i am not a hater but what they did to me ..i would love to see them burned all ..i am ready to join you and i will be ok.

i need info about who did it.....location as soon as possible....thank you....hi there by the way


منوچهر ناشر و نویسنده وب سایت و

It was a plane crash near Mehrabad .. I guess nobody did it !