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Buycott app gets public to boycott Israeli produce

As critics of Israel’s policy in Gaza lose faith in governments to take action, a new app is helping them to it themselves. Buycott is one of the hottest items on the market as shoppers are using it in their droves to avoid purchasing Israeli products.


The Buycott app has a number of groups, which its users can join, with one of the most successful being the “Long live Palestine, boycott Israel” group. Numbering just a few hundred users in mid-July, it has surged ...

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Bavafa   Free copy of all e-mails, posts and voice conversation at NSA depository, no sign up is required and it won't cost you a dime only your freedom. Mehrdad

BDS all the way until the apartheid regime has sent a notice to its mercenary IDF to pack up and leave the occupied land for good and go home.



iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Boycott of Israelis is the main solution to stop this bloodthirsty nation.



Buycott is a decent app but not foolproof. If you use it, please add information about products that you know of that may not be in their database (if you shop at mid eastern grocery stores for example, you are likely to be buying a Israeli items. Some are labeled 'Product of West Bank', some Israel). No need to buy them no matter how 'essential' they may be to you, if you look you will find perfectly good substitutes. Lots of -re-labeling' going on too...don't fall for it. Red Bull has now re-labeled to 'Product of Europe')
BDS is launching its own app and you can sign up to be notified when it is ready. Just Google BDS app and the sign up page will come up.
You KNOW the Boycott is working when Starbucks bothers to issue a FALSE statement about it. Wish it wasn't so but it is and at least we can enjoy watching all the squirming and panic amongst these bloodsucking companies while we do our part to make a difference.


dohelzen منم آن مست دهلزن که شدم مست به میدان دهل خویش چو پرچم به سر نیزه ببستم

Boycott Israel Using The "BUYCOTT" App || MUST SHARE