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If the Nobel Peace Prize can be handed to Obama, why not hand it to the Israeli Defence Force?

But when the Israeli ambassador to the US told us (after almost 2,000 Palestinians had been slaughtered, most of them civilians) that the Israeli army should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its “unimaginable restraint” in the Gaza war, I had to glance at the calendar. Was it 1 April, perhaps? Was this some kind of gargantuan joke, so obscene, so grotesquely inappropriate, that it contained some inner meaning, some kernel of truth, which I had missed? The Nobel ...

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Niloufar Parsi

Meet the 21st Century Nazis.



This JERK, the true bretheren of George Goebbels, must be kidding! Problem in that unfortunately, Abbas does not have the balls to take these murderers to the International Court in Hague! And these maggots know that!



Another abhorrent piece of anti Semitic or anti-Israeli weblog whose sole purpose is clearly to protect the russian terrorist proxies and abominable attack on Israel and humanity in general and to prepare for another holocaust!!!!