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Palestinian teen burned alive, autopsy shows

16-year old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khedair was burned alive, prosecutor says Spokesman for Israeli PM says Israel is aggressively investigating the killing Videos show Khedair's cousin, a U.S. citizen, being attacked in Jerusalem by men in uniform He was visiting his Palestinian relatives for the first time in over a decade Jerusalem (CNN) -- Mohammed Abu Khedair, a Palestinian teenager who was abducted and killed in Jerusalem this week, died from being burned ali ...

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The heinous crime against this young Palestinian and the other three Israelis ought to be condemn equally and be investigated by a credible organization that seeks those responsible regardless of affiliation to any group. Sadly, Israeli State failed to do so in their initial investigation by sending troops to destroy more lives before they had all the facts and a credible evidence as who was behind the killing. I am afraid, more innocent and unnecessary blood will be shed before both sides are tired and call for a time-out.

RIP and my condolences to the family of all four teenagers