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Rania Masri gives Barack Obama a lesson on the meaning of 'barbaric'

Thousands of people from Austin and the surrounding region attended a rally and march protesting Israel’s assault on Gaza, joining the millions protesting around the world. Though for the most part, Austin’s protest on August 2 went unreported.


And video from that rally, of a thunderous speech by Dr. Rania Masri chastising President Obama over his usage of the term “barbaric,” has been garnering thousands of hits daily since it got picked up by social media.

Watc ...

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Bavafa   Free copy of all e-mails, posts and voice conversation at NSA depository, no sign up is required and it won't cost you a dime only your freedom. Mehrdad

“Please Mr. Obama, don’t do more”

A passionate and truth based speech.

“An occupied nation has the right to resist the occupation”




Mr. Obama's hands are tied behind his back just like every president's has been tied since President Truman who sold America by approving formation of illegal nation called Israel.

Since then, genocide and infanticide has been mostly ignored by the west and more and more of the land of Palestine has been snatched by the condomium-loving-Zionists.Without.Borders.

The spread of threat and retaliation in the American psyche has kept this nation from speaking up against crimes of Zionism across the globe and the recent infanticide in Gaza became the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jews are entitled to live like any other human beings, but invading other people's home, putting rat poison in their pasture (PBS Special) and cutting off drinking water from women and children, is nothing short of the most heinous crime mankind has ever seen.

Palestinians must be supported by all means and America must revise its priorities and stop Israel from more genocide. Blaming Obama alone is insufficient. Direct public assault on Israel and the Muslim-hating-Jews and the "victim tears" game must be stopped. Hollywood thugs should be stopped from assault on other religions and cultures and turning around and giving themselves Oscars for fictitious accomplishments. Stop genocide in Gaza and Palestine. Condominium loving Jewish mercenaries must be stopped by all means possible from expanding into Palestine. Send the mercenaries back to where they came from. ISIS=MOSAD=IDF=AIPAAC they are brothers in arm.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Obama is a shame to the humanity and to all those people, especially young voters, who had voted and fooled by this liar.


iraj khan Peace Is The Way


What could Obama do when out of 535 congress men and women only 8 voted against giving 250 million dollars to Israel just a few days ago?
US foreign policy is dictated by Israeli Jews.




Obama should have done what strong personalities like Roosevelt, Truman or LBJ would have done!

His approval ratings have plummeted down to 40% with 57% disapproval!



Yes US foreign policy is dictated and not by the President but if nothing else, he could keep his mouth shut.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

As the President of the United States of America, Obama, gets to have the final VOTE and the final Word. He is nothing but a SHAME !



این زنه خیلی شوته .خود امریکا اسرائل رو آورده . الان هم اونا امریکا رو اداره میکنن . آسمان ابی است . شکر شیرین . اوباما نوکره پولدارا . فلسطینها هم ایرانی نیستن . ایران هواپما میوفته , ما باره غزه جوش میزنیم


Niloufar Parsi

She's amazing. Thanks for sharing.