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Why has IDC become so "sootokoor"?


Is it me? Am I missing something? Or has the new town become like a ghost town? There are no more blogs or features that would attract in excess of hundred comments. Why everything has gone so quiet? Was it meant to become like this or is it too early to judge?

Can the pundits or the management say something?



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Roger_Rabbit Framed

I remember we used to have blogs or feature articles each week which would attract 50, 60, ... 100+ comments. Where have they gone? Perhaps I can't find them but please show me a single blog or article that has attracted 20, 30 or more comments. If I am right then would someone care to explain?


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Well said Jenab-e Friendly



I agree with you. It is sad that IC has been relegated to this level!


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Dear Roger_Rabbit.....Wow. It is not "Soot o koor" at all. You got to wait. May be it is difficult for some people to get into the system with so many different tools (which are mostly useful but new to them). It also takes time till some people can adjust themselves with any new system. Just be patient, SVP!