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Ahmadinejad has gone, but the financial tsunami created by his gang are near Iranian shores.


Tsunami? I thought that only happens in real economies run by financially literate free economies that have to abide by internationally recognized market rules and order? Well, Iran does have an economy but not the kind of economy you and I, living in the west, are used, it's economy consists of hundreds of smaller gang leader style economies all joined into one big economy working along side of twenty million plus exclusive private ones.  


When a new president is elected in Iran for many hundreds of first line big economies there, it creates or serves a notice of bankruptcy which means clear your desk by tomorrow or risk being jailed or suffer a most painful death because my guy needs to sit at your desk and run his own financial mafia type family. When this happens all the big guys change, and the big guys change the little ones below them, and the little guys change everyone else below them, so you get a complete house clean from top to bottom, even the guy who brings tea for the little guy at the bottom is changed too just in case he is not still loyal to the last little guy.   Is this because the new guys disagree with the way these officials served the people? Or these guys did not meet targets? Or people complained about them? No!  The simple quick answer is, they are replaced simply for the reason that they have been ripping people off and making good money, so they need to go and our guys from our family and friend circles to replace them and start making money for the next few years.  


Did Ahmadinejad do the same? Not at first, although he did change many right at the beginning and also tried to change a few others, it took him a few years to do that. People like Rafsanjani, Jaasbi and few other long time behind their desks and people like Rafsanjani’s son and daughter, etc. who had jobs ranging from Tehran's metro chief to veterans affairs were making tens of billions of tomans monthly.   The more Ahmadinejad and his gang tried to remove the big fish, the more they realized how much money was being earned by some and it was tempting to do the same themselves.   The Azad university was price tagged at 250b dollars 4 years ago with an income of over 20 billion dollars a year, giving students third rate educations in remote areas of Iran some times in middle of desert with a three story building and a Bank Melli branch next to it to collect the student tuition fees. The head of this university was Rafsanjani and his deputy in command there was Jaasbi, the two most powerful guys with financial means to destroy Ahmadinejad's dreams for the future.   After 4 long years of studying the big fish that Ahmadinejad was having problems to remove as easily as other smaller fish, he decided his own gang members could enter similar businesses to ensure his grip on power. Although we do not hear his views or thoughts anymore on the state run TV due to the state sensorship placing a black out on him, this does not mean that he is not ambitious anymore.  


Ahmadinejad's ambition was not to get rich, his ambition was to destroy this gang of big fish exclusive club at all cost with all means, even if it meant he had to steal himself to get rich to challenge these guys or bring them down economically.    So what did he do? What is he is doing right now? He made a multi facet get rich quick moves a few years back while he was still the apple of the supreme leader. His long time friend and his son's father in law, Mashaei, started this by opening a private bank with initial starting capital of "0" but an I owe you note of 25 billion tomans to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to get permission papers to set up a private bank called "Tourism bank" Banke' Gardeshgari.  The CBI did not agree to issue a license for the bank and stopped the already  expanding branches all over Iran, until the head of CBI was sacked and replaced by Bahmani who then gave an operation certificate for a bank which started with zero back up money to ensure depositors monies but had given the bank  worthless piece of IOU note called a "Safteh" in Iran. By locking its customers into long term deposits where the account holder of many cases could not touch his or her money for 5 years, it gave an unusually high interest rate, an interest rate that was capped by the same Ahmadinejad for all other banks at 12%.   Bank Gardeshgari in some cases gave up to 19% interest to its customers or victims without being challenged by the CBI, whereas if State-owned Bank Melli had just increased its rates to 13%, it would have been fined.  


Who are these tourism bank staff and backers? They consist of ex-loyal lower rank crooks and thieves who defected the last regime of Khatami to join Ahmadinejad from Mirasseh Farhangi and Gardeshgari, two organizations which became one by Ahmadinejad.   Where is this Tsunami?  If you had time to read the news in the past few months, you would have noted little here and little there flash news about Ahmadinejad, ranging from taking away his newly opened university to monies stolen by him, to ceasing assets and properties owned by him to...   He is in fact being striped down to his underpants by small, but systematic cease and closures to stop him from ever gaining power in any place to do any damage ever again.   So what has he got up his sleeve to not worry about any of these? Tourism bank! A bank that cost him nothing to set up just an IOU note that means nothing in a real court for trillions of tomans owed to depositors? What I think he is doing to rip people off is filing for bankruptcy and pocketing all the depositors’ monies, while the CBI, which issued the license, has to repay a certain amount to depositors under the guarantor law of banks by the state.   There is more to this, but another time!


Yahya york @YahyaYork

I have researched iran for 11 years,travelled there 46 times in the past 9 years to finish my research,just ask me about anything about iran's current and future developments regarding politics,business etc.

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P_J. An Iranian!

His disastrous reign of ignorance, including IDIOTIC statements and immature political gestures and behaviors, are still reverberating!


Yahya york I have researched iran for 11 years,travelled there 46 times in the past 9 years to finish my research,just ask me about anything about iran's current and future developments regarding politics,business etc.

Yes true,but those were part of the plot by the head guy,the top man selected a guy with zero IQ And zero brains to implement what 99.999999% of any sane human being would never do,and that was the removal of subsidies.But since the top guy no matter how sick and brain dead he is,he can not o it himself,since all will know for sure that he is a king and absolute leader,so he needed a brain dead person who would just do it,a DONKEY if you like to do all the hard work and then a kick up the ass and set him free in the field to graze grass.But this donkey kicked the top guy with hind legs so hard,that the poor guy is still in tears and in shock.

This kootooleh is not finished yet,believe me, first is this bank,then it is all the money he earned by hiking the dollar price where he gets cheap dollars from bank and sell it on 3 times the price,all these monies are washed and waiting in gardeshgari bank for his final move.

One guy in gardeshgari bank i asked was literally a team member responsible for toilet cleanings in 4 hotels,he is now a board member lol, He too did to these guys or selected these guys same a the leader selected him,people with 0 knowledge about their job and yes sir guys,so he could order them about.


Yahya york I have researched iran for 11 years,travelled there 46 times in the past 9 years to finish my research,just ask me about anything about iran's current and future developments regarding politics,business etc.

I am not for one minute disagreeing about this guy being a criminal and thief, but disagree about the report, selling oil and other national assets is not him,infact they won't let him near any of these sites.You see we only sit and wait for the news to tell us what is happening if the news says nothing then nothing is wrong. The guys who are a i call them "FIXED" the ones who never lose their jobs come ahmadiejad come mr x go mr y, these guys are fixed to their seats and jobs,people like firoozabadi,janati,larijanis,rafsanjanis etc these are the guys who have mines,oil field and other large places under their control,for example how many ship loads of oil left iran yesterday? do we know?it was 1 or10? who it belonged to?

Ahmadinejad was too late to get any of these,these were shared years ago amongst criminals who run the nation on fixed basis. Ahmadinejad realised this after 2008,he wanted to destroy their easy life and get some himself,but could not, but still has trillions inside gardeshgari bank, he will steal every rial inside every depositor inside that bank soon,wait! this would be the biggest robberies the world has known, the bank after i checked last week has huge huge sums i mean huge! all belonging to poor average people,while the managers are living it up with their money lol.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Sorry to burst your bubble but you get it wrong on both accounts of who the biggest crooks in Iran are & the biggest bank robbery of the world.
The biggest, most organized, institutionalized thieves in Iran are Sepah.
The biggest bank robbery of the world was the financial bail out of banks in the US.
Better luck next time.


Yahya york I have researched iran for 11 years,travelled there 46 times in the past 9 years to finish my research,just ask me about anything about iran's current and future developments regarding politics,business etc.

Bailing out a bank is hardly a bank robbery and as for sepah,sepah is a military force with budgets and accounts.What you have been hearing about sepah stealing is not it stealing and then paying towards the rations of food for soldiers or buying new tanks,it is individuals working within with influence who abuse the system to run smuggling rackets for personal gain.

soldiers inside this army are not thieves or crooks as your general stereo typing suggests. It would be like me saying most wannabes or wanna know's who never set foot inside iran are demented illusionists living in a world inside of their heads as who wins by answering and rubbishing whose article first. some iranian or mid eastern mind works in such a way to always be in a race to suggest everyone is wrong apart from me,i was the first to move my car into that space,i was the fastest,i answered him better, i did this,i did that,more people read my stories ,i burst his bubble first etc... this is why iran has fallen back in social evolution so far back to be truly a 4th world nation.

It is the urge for some wanting to prove themselves right all the time,where as the truth is they know very little about the subject they want to disagree with but still have go and go into personal attacks too.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

در جستجوی ۱۰۰ میلیارد دلار درآمد مازاد دوران احمدی‌نژاد
برخی همکاران احمدی‌نژاد متهم به سوء استفاده مالی


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

در اينباره
شش پرده نمايش زير را كه به سبك شاهنامه فردوسى نوشته شده است را بخوانيد.
چنين گفت رهبر به اسفنديار
كه پول هاى دزديده را پس بيار
براى اينكار روى اسم كاربرى farhangpooya و يا لينك زير كليك كنيد.


Yahya york I have researched iran for 11 years,travelled there 46 times in the past 9 years to finish my research,just ask me about anything about iran's current and future developments regarding politics,business etc.

A report from iran yesterday shows that the lootings of people's savings in the bank gardeshgari may have started already. Bank gardeshgari is owned by same officials who used to run the ministry of mirass farhangi and gardeshgari.

The problem is if some up to date people who have any money in this bank,will not be able to take their monies out,since there is no money,its all on paper,it's already been stolen.
رئيس اسبق سازمان ميراث فرهنگي و گردشگري که به تازگی قصد خروج از كشور را داشته متوجه شد که ممنوع‌الخروج شده است.

به گزارش جهان، جلوگیری از خروج رئيس اسبق سازمان ميراث فرهنگي و گردشگری به دلیل وجود موارد اتهامی تازه ای است که در دستگاه قضایی علیه وی مطرح شده است و به احتمال زیاد در آینده نزدیک بازداشت خواهد شد.

وی پیش از این به دلیل اتهاماتي در حوزه مسائل مالی و موضوعات دیگر، بازداشت شده بود كه با واسطه‌هايي مورد عفو قرار گرفت.


Nene An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast. a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Buddha

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