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Iran can be made a force for Middle Eastern peace |

The one real glimmer of light on the pitch-black horizon of the Middle East – consumed by the fires of Syria raging across the Levant, poisoned by the sectarian struggle within Islam between Sunni and Shia, and with every other Arab country shaken to its foundations by three years of long-overdue upheaval – is the possibility of rapprochement between the US and Iran.

It is not just that the alternative to a formula to constrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions is a war that ...

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iraj khan Peace Is The Way

"May Iran become a force for peace in the Middle East"



There will never be a rapproachement between Iran and the West until it fully recognizes the Jewish state. There will be no separating out the Jewish state from the other democratic states. Frankly, Iran is not that important to the West. Israel is the center of Jewish and Christian cuilture, and as your Quran plainly states, "Do not take Christians and Jews as your friends, as they are friends to each other." No one is going to dance on our graves. No one is going to live to dance on our graves ever again.


Haider Zaidi My origin is from Pakistan . Been in UK since 1969 hence a British Citizen . I have keen interest in Geopolitics and farming .

No nation deserve to be killed by anyone . Muslim are not responsible for the murder and suffering of Jewish people . It were you so called friends in the Judo Christian world . Furthermore the Shia Nation has never committed genocide and killing of non combatant at all .

Iran or Persian people have not invaded or subjugated any nations for hundreds of year .

A Jewish person should look into the reason / purpose , why the Fundamentalist Christian in USA Mid West are supporting Israel . It is not for the love of Jewish People and religion .