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What critics are getting wrong about the Iran deal | Blogs

By Fareed Zakaria

If you’re trying to decide what to think about the deal struck between the major powers and Iran yesterday in Geneva, here’s a suggestion – imagine what would have happened if there had been no deal.

In fact, one doesn’t have to use much imagination. In 2003, Iran approached the United States with an offer to talk about its nuclear program. The George W. Bush administration rejected the offer because it believed that the Iranian regime was weak, ha ...

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Iran only came to the table in 2003 because the US had used force in Iraq, and had DECIMATED the country and its military... the threat of use of force on Iran was very, very very real, and it brought Iran to the table. This just goes to show the Sanctions, backed by a CREDIBLE use of force is the only thing that will persuade the Ayatollahs to drop the nuclear business, because it just wont be worth it.