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Irish radio presenter suspended after anti-Israeli comments aired on show | IrishCentral

Irish radio presenter suspended after anti-Israeli comments aired on show Ireland’s Broadcasting Authority upholds Israeli embassy complaint


An Irish radio presenter has been suspended from broadcasting after a row with a government body about Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip.

An Irish radio presenter has been suspended from broadcasting a ...

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Israelis can say anything they want in the US and EU media against the Pals but god forbid if someone dares to criticize them. In the US no politician has the balls to criticize Isarel because AIPAC and pro-Isareli lobby will just crush them in the election. In the media they will have the writers fired. Even in the internet Israeli Hasbara brigades will attack the writer/commenter viciously. We just need to support the couragous people and expose Israli policies and pro-Israeli bullying behavior.



I wonder what would happen to an Iranian Radio commentator in Iran for anti-Khamenei, anti-Velayate Faghih comments? Properly jail, torture, and then he dies of "heart attack" in Evin!!



Egypt controlled Gaza from 1949 to the end of the '67 war. In that time hundreds of Israelis were killed by fedayeen terrorists infiltrating into Israel. When I lived in Beersheba and worked outside of Sderot in the mid-1980s, thousands of Gazans would come into Israel proper every day to do day labor or use the Israeli health system. There were no terrorist attacks that I know of at that time. I made $25 as a technical writer with two college degrees, and uneducated Gazan day laborers made about $15. But I will admit that sometimes the actions of some Israeli border police controlling the border could be rude and I suppose humiliating. When the first intifada broke out in December 1987 I admit I was somewhat sympathetic. But no more. They don't want peace. They want to get "even" and kill Jews. Gaza is an ancient, 5000 year old city with great economic potential if it were not in the hands of vengeance-seeking fanatics. Sderot was a town that before 1948 had about 900 Arabs living there. Today over 20,000 mostly Jewish Israelis, mostly poor Morrocan and Russian Jews. The population of Gaza has increased tenfold since 1948, having had possibly the highest birth rate in the world. They could have peace and prosperity if that is all they wanted. But what they want is to destroy the Jewish state and even uproot cemetaries and throw the bones of Jews out of the country. Sorry, they chose their path and no other country would have tolerated thousands of rockets and suicide bombers as Israel has. Nobody else would.


Bavafa   'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory  Mehrdad

Before you know it, they will try to suspend you and I and a whole lot of other people who dare to speak the truth about Israel fascist policy.



Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

In all Republican areas of Northern Ireland there are always Palestinian flags all over the place.
Ireland is the Grandmother of all anti-colonial movements in the world. Irish people have a precise understanding of what colonialism means, and have always been vocal supporters of Palestinian people.



Ireland is Irish land. Israel is Jewish land. That's the major difference.


Ahmed from Bahrain Ahmed from Bahrain - Born to Persian parents who in turn were born in Bahrain but both their ancestries come from Fars Province around Mohr and Fesa.

And the majority of those Jews were born outside current Israel and btw where did those palestinians come from? Obviously you believe in the Zionist mantra "Land without people for people without land" Thus pushing Europeans to ship million of Jews to Palestine and take it over by force. UN figure states 750,000 Palestinians at the time where made refugees. Israel is a Jewish land by force of displacing its indigenous people and they continue doing this to this day. Current evacuation of thousands of Palestinian Beduins to make way for new Jewish 'neighbourhood' read settlements testifies to above.