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Keep your eye on this! JAN Gives ISIS A “DO THIS OR ELSE” Warning


Jabhet al-Nusra (JAN) has demanded  ISIS  to hand in those who were behind of killing of its emir in ar-Raqqah  al-Hadromi to a common court or else.  Source: Al Gharib. 


What's interesting is that JAN had been trying to play a neutral peacemaker between rebels and ISIS with no success.  In some areas it had even placed ISIS foreign jihadis under is own protection.  Elsewher JAN has allowed some of its own less extreme units (mostly former FSA who joined for non-ideological reasons) to fight ISIS. 


In the recent fighting  ISIS had killed many JAN fighters but some--like the emir in question--were vicitims of ISIS' earlier assassinations.  In the emir's case, the news only recently emerged.   Both ISIS & JAN claim to be Al Queda but there are not major (not minor) differences between the two organizations. 


ISIS: The majority of ISIS fighters are foreign jihadi extremist and true believers in Al Queda's cause.  As such they favor a universal rule by a Caliph and oppose nationalism, even to the point of objecting to any expressed love for "Syria" as heresy.


However, the most important difference however is that ISIS is a covert ally of the Assad regime with Assad's intelligence agents occupying most command postions.  ISIS  has repeated provided Air Force Intelligence (Assad's Gestapo)  with information of rebel plans and positions.  Rarely does ISIS fight the regime.   It spends more time killing rebels and murdered civilians.  By no accident, it always choose targets encouraged favored by the Alawite Regime, espoecially  rebel commanders and democratic activists.   In turn the regime avoids bombing ISIS and provides it with supplies and even air cover. 


JABHAT AL NUSRAH:  Though affiliated with Al Queda, takes a nationalistic position at present rather than fighting the whole world.   It emphasizes getting rid of the Assad regime as first priority and settling any differences with the rebels afterwards..  


JAN's compositon is also very different--overwhelmingly Syrian.  There are fewer true believers in the ranks.   Many relatively non-ideological FSA,  being poorly armed thanks to Obama and having been threatened with annihilation unless they handed over their arms and joined ISIS, took the only other alternative and joined JAN.  Others joined because it was the best way to fight Assad and get the necessary equipment to do so.


JAN's fighters are far superior and disciplined than most ISIS fighters.  Jan has totally avoided stabbing the FSA in the back.  Its military efforts are totally confined to fighting the regime.  As an ally of convenience, JAN is trusted by the moderates to keep its word and fight alongside them in battles.   JAN is independent and not allied with either the FSA or the Islamic Front which was formed to counter ISIS.   


It some areas JAN  has enforced more puritanical sharia law but it has also protected Christians and other minorities--unlike ISIS.   The regime encourages ISIS to attack minorities in order to discredit the FSA and other rebels as "terrorists."  Using western names, online propagandists, who get paid by the number of posts daily, are then told to peddle that line or take isolationists positions.  


I haven't done any updates yet except for the stuff on Enduring America below.   However I'd like to mention an item I came across last night: The  Arab Chronicle reports that JAN & the Islamic Front have begun attacks on ISIS at Menegh airport.










I’ve excluded anything I’ve covered previously and will avoid duplicating anything below except any new developments.



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#3: VDC Report: “Internationally Prohibited” Chemical Weapons Are Likely to Be Used By Syrian Regime Forces.


(Isn’t this another sign of the contempt for the cowardly Obama.  Assad, Putin and Khamenei have taken the measure of the man and rightly concluded that President Red Line will let them get away with anything.  “His Impotency” will most likely ignore such attacks and pretend they don’t exist.  Otherwise, he will limit his responses to wimpish, finger-wagging protests.  


#4: --Reports Of Gains For Islamic Front Against ISIS North Of Aleppo City (with map)


#5: With reduced sanctions, the IRI is preparing to give the Syrian regime a ton of money and supplies as Obama could have predicted.  You can be sure His Impotency will let it slide.


Writing as “Red Tornadoes” In the comments section, I’ve including a further look at how Obama’s “stalemate” policy appears to designed to collaborate with the regime’s “Chenchnya strategy” by enabling all crimes essential to that stategy.


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