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Why some people have no tolerance for linguistic diversity? | payvand

Persian Barley Soup Recipe

I was talking with two friends in the dressing room of a gym. A lady came from the shower, walked to her locker, grabbed her clothes, turned around to us and said: "I don't understand a word of what you are saying to each other".

My friend: "Don't worry, madam. Our conversation is not very exciting. We are discussing a Persian recipe".

The lady, clearly surprised by the fluently pronounced response in Dutch, replied confused: "Yes, but it' ...

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You should ask the lady in the locker room, if she would strictly speak English when she's traveling to the UK or the States. Or if she will speak only Spanish when in Spain or Latin America, Would she speak ONLY in Arabic when she's traveling to the middle east?
Or the rules apply only when you are living in HER LAND


Saman Just Iran and politics.

Well, their government is the one bringing in thousands of immigrants in. Maybe they should be mad at their government.