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Obama's new Foreign Policy Doctrine: Feedback from the "Receiving End"


A couple of weeks ago President Obama took the opportunity to outline his new foreign policy doctrine in of all places, his commencement speech at West Point. For those of you unfamiliar with American military tradition, West Point is the Sharif University of Military studies. (Actually now that I think about it, most of the “studies” at Sharif are for the military too.) Obviously, you can most certainly study Farsi at West Point. Along with Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. Obviously.

In his speech to possibly the most confused graduating class of militarists in the history of the US, Obama suggested that anyone who thinks that the US is in decline, or has lost its global leadership, is "misreading history or participating in partisan politics."

I would respectfully offer that there is a third option. The perspective of America and the larger question of what America stands for these days, as seen from the eyes of an increasingly confused third world, sitting and waiting for their turn at the roulette wheel, for a taste of what seems to be a wonderful American elixir. Reserved only for a select few.

Obama also suggested that somehow Social Media and the Internet was making it “...impossible for the voices of people in the world to be ignored..."

I would again, offer another option, in the form of a question. How can the voices of the people in the world be heard if their brutally oppressive governments are the same people who own and run the cell and data networks that deliver this same social media that you seem to think equates with freedom of speech?

Yes, the Internet most certainly offers the ability to broadcast one's opinions throughout an ever-expanding ether space. Maybe even God Tweets now. But it also allows the authorities to virtually and instantly geo-locate your naive butt, as well as find out the point of origin and the point of termination of every single text message or website, at such an unprecedentedly predictive rate, to the point that we are very nearly at the precipice of being able to detect "Thought Crime".

Yet another accomplishment of the Islamic Republic, and one more reason why Iran is winning this one too. Thanks to the mighty Islamic-Iranian judicial system, this is already a reality in the ever-perfect Islamic-Iranian court. Today a judge in Iran can "Think", that you thought, evil thoughts about the Supreme Leader, and put you in jail. Or hang you. Depending on of course the severity of what the judge thinks you thought. Thanks Twitter!

Because this post was just recorded and traced by not just the NSA, but the Iranian government as well, very possibly and probably, Iran got it along with my home address and porn download history, faster than the US did!

Every single major newspaper in the US bestowed and endowed with the cool clear drink of spring water that legally enforced freedom of speech offers, seemed to think Obama's "new" foreign policy as outlined at West Point was "empty", and "vacuous", and "misguided". Of course these comments came from the same journalistic institutions that seem to squander their gift, on the apparently obsessively fascinating topic, what racist rant the owner of the LA Clippers said this week, and will he sell, or won't he?

The other area that Obama outlined in his desperate attempt to ward off any hint of the fast approaching curse of the "Lame Duck", was the area of utilizing the “trusting friendships” the US has with other nations, and to use those friendships and “the spirit of cooperation” they represent, to stem the rising tide of terrorism and extremism in the world.

Once again, I am faced with offering advice in the form of a question. Mr Obama, where do you think Iran got the technology to setup and install 17,000 centrifuges, spinning like 17,000 mad dervishes, to help save the far less than 17,000 Iranian children who have cancer? I'll give you one answer. SIEMENS. OK, SIEMENS by way of Pakestan. The two best friends the US has, in the not so harmonious (or even Melodica) world.

I would offer that in fact it has been the so called friends of the US who have done more damage to not just US credibility, but to the US itself. Certainly China has, Russia is doing it right now, the aforementioned Germany, definitely add France, Italy, and even South Korea and Japan have each taken a turn at sticking the knife into Uncle Sam’s bloodied back. If you want to assign blame or responsibility for 9/11, assign it to those least-loyal Saudi citizens, who took all those pilot classes minus the landing exam, and bought all those one-way tickets, that no one at the NSA seemed to notice.

Obama further analogized "...Just because we have the best hammer, does not mean that every problem is a nail…" Which I would see that hammer, and raise it with, "All of the nails are rusty, sir. It would be far better to pull them out completely, rather than just nail them down one more time, only to have them poke up again, over time."

In Persian we have a saying, "You don't toss the wounded snake, to the far end of the garden, and think it will crawl away and die off…"

Spending trillions on drones and special forces, and other mysterious things that go "Boo!" in the dark, is a pointless and far too expensive strategy. A sound, effective, and fair foreign policy is simply cheaper.

Religious Extremism almost always leads to the priest who set them off in the first place. Even Jesus. Like Pilate, find the priest, and you usually find the reason behind the extremism. Fighting extremism even with sophisticated weaponry, only fuels more extremism, which gets it's power from only two sources. Your anger, and the misinterpretation of what we will euphemistically call "Satan impersonating God".

The good news is that it is far cheaper to buy an Ayatollah or a Mufti to counter-argue the authenticity of religious prophecy of extremism, than it is to build a better drone, or train a SEAL to hold his breath underwater for one minute longer than the academy record. Certainly you do not need to waste your wealth (or breath) on telecommunications spying software. The last Terrorist to actually use a cellphone got his, only after seeing Don Johnson use one for the first time on Miami Vice.

If you insist on spending China's money on anything at all, I would recommend Civics classes for everyone. Clearly Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Syria, Iran, Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Greater Arabia in general, need to learn that citizen participation in government, requires a smidgen of civil etiquette, or at the very minimum that everyone leave their guns and tyranny at the door to the "Town Hall Meeting". By the way, I have checked, and  NOT ONE OF THESE COUNTRIES HAS EVER BEEN TAUGHT ANY OF THIS STUFF.

The great irony of the failure of the US to establish any sort of leadership in fostering freedom in the post invasion-happy world it has created, is that apparently America forgot that the rest of the world doesn't know anything about civics.

And most certainly, we Iranians don't. Or history. Especially our own. Or even the American Civil Rights movement of the sixties. If we did, we might have known how to protest properly, and had the sense to call for a million Iranian sit-in in 2009, instead of the 2009 run-away, and prance around like those kid at Coachella, looking for phone-cameras to become the next Ahmad Batebi cover-photo, with green facepaint.

How ANY American left or right, liberal or conservative, racist or southern hipster, could think that all you need to do is invade a country, drop off some empty ballot boxes, pick the guy in the suit, who looks “sort of” clean, and like he wants to lead, and that’s all Democracy needs to flourish. Well just look at Pakestan, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and ABOVE ALL look at Iran, to see the sheer corruption that an unattended ballot box offers these rats, who make weasels look like angels. And not the cute otter-like ones. These sickos aren’t num-num-numming on Abalone.

The sheer stupidity of an American foreign policy that utterly destroys a place, then rebuilds it only to hand it over to be destroyed by literally retarded children, can best be observed in Iraq today. No, like right now! Fallujah fell to the ISIS Sunni fighters last week. Mosul this week. Tikrit as we speak. Maybe you should have vetted Nouri-Al Maleki before handing him an Iraq loaded with more yum-yum than a High Tech Godzilla (burrito). While you were at it, maybe you should have noticed that the same Maleki you championed as your darling, lived in Tehran at the pleasure of the Ayatollah, during the 8 years that he cursed America every single day, for siding with and funding and supplying and coddling the US invented Saddam, with chemical weapons that not surprisingly, were not found.

Colin Powell was at once both right and wrong in his presentation to the UN. Yes, according to the PowerPoint, they were most certainly there. But, No they were also not there.  Because if they were there, someone was bound to see the “Made in USA” labels on them.

The US needs to give up on the ancient and outdated technique of warring and conspiracy, and coddling the “better the devils we know”, as the only way to “help people gain their freedom”. Instead of defense language classes at Defense Language Institutes, the US ought to train people in foreign countries how to argue without violence, hold meetings without blowing them up, stick to agendas without detonation, and create task lists to be completed by citizen task forces, not special forces, in time for the next meeting. Next week. No really. We will really really really have another meeting next week!

No Enshallah necessary.



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The realities of Politicians and Politics.
Ba- Ba societies of millennium.
We select, you elect the selected one.
I can't tell you what to do, all I can say is that you are not a politician, you are not a billionaire, you are not a government official. You write on things that has nothing to do with today's realities. You are a perfectionist that dreams over night and blur over rights. Even god may not want to engage with your perfect imaginary world that can be prototyped but not delivered. My hands and face are full of scars- I can't ignore them but I can cope with them. Cope with your society and may be one day you become a politician that forgets about your short comings. When I don't have it I wish for it and when I am on top I will not let go the short comers under me; 98 percent of Ba Bas .

Watch 20/20 on ABC that was broadcast on Friday the 13th, a billionaire opens up a 100,000 Dollars wine to satisfy his needs but me and you still working for minimum wage. The guy even spending 25 millions Dollars to go after the guy who sold him some cheap wines. Come on be serious, I can not afford a 2000 Dollars trip to Hawaii and you are drinking a 100,000 Dollar wine on daily basis.
So again when I don't have it I yell- When I have it I shut up. Ba- Ba society that is controlled by me and run by me and ruled by me. If I am at the bottom I write to discredit the upper. When I am on the top I always control the bottoms.
Now the lecture number one about what is politics and who are politicians.

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes

from the poor and campaign funds from the rich,

by promising to protect each from the other.

~Oscar Amringer, "the Mark Twain of American Socialism."

A politician is a fellow who will lay down

your life for his country.

~Texas Guinan. 19th century American businessman

Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city,

it might be better to change the locks.

~Doug Larson (English middle-distance runner who won gold medals at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, 1902-1981)

We hang petty thieves and appoint the bigger thieves to public office.
~Aesop, Greek slave & fable author

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being

governed by those who are dumber.
~Plato, ancient Greek Philosopher

Politicians are the same all over.

They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
~Nikita Khrushchev, Russian Soviet politician

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become PM;

I'm beginning to believe it.

~Quoted in 'Clarence Darrow for the Defense' by Irving Stone.

Politicians are people who,

when they see light at the end of the tunnel,
go out and buy some more tunnel.
~John Quinton, American actor/writer

What happens if a politician drowns in ocean?

It's pollution.

What happens if all of them drown?

It's a solution .....!!!

At last,

Politicians and diapers NEED TO BE CHANGED for the same reason .

820 C Bad Habits


G. Rahmanian

Mr. Bahmani wrote:

"In his speech to possibly the most confused graduating class of militarists in the history of the US, ..."

The psychological euphemism for confused or mentally out of wack is "cognitively dissonant."

Don't you love the way American quacks in the field of psychology come up with these "disorders?"


Behrouz Bahmani Theologians, don't know nothin' 'bout my soul...

....I'm still trying to figure out why Viagra causing an erection that lasts for 4 hours or more is considered a side effect....


Hoshang Tarehgol An injury to one is an injury to all.

Behaviorism is a byyyatch!
Some Lacanian psychoanalysts consider American school of Behaviorism as an empiricist disorder!


G. Rahmanian

Mr. Bahmani wrote:

"Obama suggested that anyone who thinks that the US is in decline, or has lost its global leadership, is 'misreading history or participating in partisan politics.'"

I totally agree with President Obama. We saw that leadership as recently as in 2008. America had hardly sneezed and the rest of the world came down with a severe cold.


Behrouz Bahmani Theologians, don't know nothin' 'bout my soul...

Unfortunately you just opened my eyes! The world banking system is the far more dangerous global terrorist organization, bent on world denomination!


Hoshang Tarehgol An injury to one is an injury to all.

Is that suppose to be something to be "proud" of?
Many observers correctly considers such prolonged, structural financial, economic turbulence and insatiability as a further proof of decline.
Back in the 40's the US used to produce 50% of world's production.
Today it's been reduced to 30 to 25% (depending on how you count it), so clearly there's an undeniable decline. Hence the issue becomes the extent of decline & its economic, political, militarily,...implications.


Behrouz Bahmani Theologians, don't know nothin' 'bout my soul...

You should know that the location of production in the "Global Economy" is irrelevant. If the US has stopped producing, they certainly have not stopped capitalization. Most of the factories in the world (even in China) usually ahve some American capitalization involvement.

That's why George Bush Sr. was tasked with opening up China to American investment and business, after Nixon and Kissinger paved the way.


G. Rahmanian

Mr. Bahmani wrote:

"But it also allows the authorities to virtually and instantly geo-locate your naive butt, ..."

"Naive" is a wrong attribute here unless one believes "butt" is a thinking entity. For the unthinking "butt," "dumb" would be a more appropriate attribute.


Behrouz Bahmani Theologians, don't know nothin' 'bout my soul...

... no, I meant butt.... :)


G. Rahmanian

HT wrote:

"Behaviorism is a byyyatch!
Some Lacanian psychoanalysts consider American school of Behaviorism as an empiricist disorder!"

American psychology being in the service of the state/government and the pharmaceuticals--the most sadistically anti-American/antihuman entities within the US borders--cannot be anything but messy.


G. Rahmanian

HT wrote:

"Is that suppose to be something to be "proud" of?
Many observers correctly considers such prolonged, structural financial, economic turbulence and insatiability as a further proof of decline."

Being or not being proud are not the issue here. What I gave as an example was to show the significance of America as a world power/leader. It shows the world as it currently is. What happens in the future is anybody's guess at this point.


Arvand Rud Arvand Rud is the proper name of the "Shatt al Arab". Let's just say I would never sell out Iran to the mullahs or the communists.

I respect what you write, Bruce, because you are not afraid to bring up unpopular subjects. That doesn't mean I agree with everything you say.

On the subject of NSA and the mullah regime knowing who we all are and our internet histories, I just have to say this: I don't give a hoot what they know. We are not at a threat to them and they know it. Its about the message. Mullahs have to go back to the mosque and allow Iranians to govern themselves. Simple.

U.S. intellegence consists of 16, often independent and privately owned agencies, that have easy access to virtually anything they feel they want to investigate further.

For example, one agency, let's say CIA, might be funneling money to destabilize some country's government and this program might be about a year or so old. Now, one of the other 16 agencies might start investigations on this issue NOT knowing that it was being carried out by the CIA. This could last for months and is quite common.

There is a huge discrepancy that exists among western intelligence services. They have a communication problem even with the white house. Each one does its own thing, to put it simply. Sometimes they even let the federal government get in on the action. Often not. Its called ''plausible deniability''.

I remember when certain intelligence services in the west were carrying out their destabilization operations in Iran during shah's time. When SAVAK notified the shah of this plot, he took it to his western politician friends. Here's where it gets crazy.

Most of those senators and officials in the State Department DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE as to what was going on. The shah had to literally bring in the accountants working for SAVAK to prove that sums of up to 150 million dollars were being continuously funneled into the accounts of khomeini's people.

So, my point is: Don't worry about these privacy issues too much. They have known everyone's identities for a while now. They know we are not a threat to the U.S. They understand most of us just want to free our people from the Islamic Republic.

The biggest internal threat to U.S. security are those far right ''tea party'' individuals with 30 assault rifles in their homes and the extreme anti-government and racist rhetoric that drives these people to conduct massacres in schools, movie theaters, malls etc....because Alex Jones taught them to ''fight for their guns'' and ''overthrow the evil illuminati government.'' They are the real terrorists and the gun lobby knows it helped create them. Fox news and the like have tried so hard to prevent the public from making this connection.

You have to hear what some of these neoliberal tea party people say and believe. Its pure racism, isolationism, religious extremism and selfishness. ( not to mention almost EVERY ONE of the civilian shootings and massacres were done by people with these kinds of beliefs.)

You hear things like: ''Lets just let all the muslims over there kill each other'', or ''Couldn't we just ''nuke'' the entire middle east and get rid of those terrorists?''.


Behrouz Bahmani Theologians, don't know nothin' 'bout my soul...

You bring up a good question. Given the US dropped two on Japan, what is the realistic chances that a "limited nuclear war" could actually happen now?

I wouldn't bet against it. And given the territory that ISIS now controls, going back in to mop up, what was mopped up for 10 years before, doesn't seem like a reasonable argument by militarists, eager to try out some of the bets toys in the war chest.

The sad thing is that the US never tried to instill and install civics in Iraq or Afghanistan. And has apparently fallen for Iran's claims to be a new and improved Islamic Democracy.

Plus, Iran's football team really sucked against Nigeria. No?


Arvand Rud Arvand Rud is the proper name of the "Shatt al Arab". Let's just say I would never sell out Iran to the mullahs or the communists.

You're right. The U.S. didn't try very hard to install civics in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Instead, they allowed Iran to install its own people there and now the arabs are paying these ISIS animals to fight the mullahs' Sepah animals.

Your last point on Iran and football deserves an entire article. Let me just say quickly that FIFA is one of the most corrupt organizations in sports history. Mafia drug money is laundered through it (not by Iran). Huge bribes are paid to referees and players to ''throw the game''. You wouldn't believe it. Its like a movie or a play. Mostly acting...some real playing to make it look believable)