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The best countries to be born in are small, peaceful, homogenous, liberal democracies.

Yes, it’s yet another international ranking on individual well-being where the Nordic countries come out on top, alongside Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The top 15 also include Austria and Switzerland, which seem to meet similar criteria. The three best places to be born are, in order: Switzerland, Australia and Norway.

Here’s a surprise: the top-ranked countries also include Asia’s two super-rich city-states, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Taiwan. I’ll admit to being surprised by the data’s suggestion that a newborn today is better off being Taiwanese than American or German, particularly because Taiwan’s aging population and declining birthrate could lead the economy to decline. But Taiwan does enjoy good political freedoms and improving health and living standards.


Sharmandeh ای دوست در روضهٔ قلب جز گل عشق مکار

!It is surprising indeed


Saïd Amin Saïd Amin is a tech entrepreneur born in Tehran, Iran. He is the Founder of World Singles Networks (IranianPersonals, etc.), a leading provider of niche online dating services, the owner of & NIAC Board Member.

Thanks for posting this. As @Sharmandeh said, it is surprising indeed. What is not surprising is that "poverty, violence and/or lack of freedom define the worst countries to be born into."


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

There's no way Iran is on the same level as Turkey. Economic-wise and in matters of social freedoms. And there's no way Saudi Arabia is better than Iran.



Dear Said,
What is truly surprising is that the two blogs protesting the suspension of WaterHero have been buried. That is really surprising!