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laylajoon Biologically produced. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and 100% fatal.

What a refreshingly non-partisan article.

"" I have long been an opponent of the present Iranian regime. In short, I think that President Ahmadinejad a truly wicked man. Nevertheless, I do not favour other countries, including Britain and the United States of America, intervening in the internal affairs of Iran, by which I mean, aiding and abetting the overthrow of the present regime. I have always favoured peaceful change from within the country itself. However, I have been very disappointed by what I regard as the appeasement of the regime by the United States of America, and to some extent, the United Kingdom. Before being elected to office, President Obama and Mrs Clinton had much to say about regime change in Iran, yet the leader of that country is regularly given a platform at the UN. Similarly, my country seems to have, at the very best, loose links with Iran, which I am frankly uncomfortable about. I am saddened that oil seems to be the stumbling block.""...