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نقش آمریکا در خروج شاه از ایران

عباس میلانی نویسنده کتاب شاه... برگزیده از برنامه افق «شاه رفت»؛ سه شنبه بیست و ششم دی.


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I just ordered his book "The Shah". I can't wait to read it.

"Though his monarchy was toppled in 1979 and he died in 1980, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlevi, the last Shah of Iran, remains relevant today. He was a social reformer, a romantic egomaniac, and a deeply conflicted man and leader. Here, internationally respected author Abbas Milani gives us the definitive biography, more than ten years in the making, of the monarch who shaped Iran’s modern age and with it the contemporary politics of the Middle East. The Shah’s was a life filled with contradiction—he built schools, increased equality for women, and greatly reduced the power of the Shia clergy. He made Iran a global power and nationalized his country’s many natural resources. But he was deeply conflicted and insecure in his powerful role. Intolerant of political dissent, he was eventually overthrown by the very people whose loyalty he so desperately sought. This comprehensive and gripping account shows us how Iran went from politically moderate monarchy to totalitarian Islamic republic. Milani reveals the complex and sweeping road that would bring the United States and Iran to where they are today.""


IRANLOVESISRAEL Shlomo would love to entertain you and your significant other at his Kabab-Hammoom parlor in your next trip to Tel Aviv.

Here you are, right from the expert's mouth, Dr. Millani! Khomeini wrote a letter to Carter and begged him to neutralize the Iranian Army, stop supporting Bakhtiyar, and in return he [Khomeini] would sell cheap oil and above all he would annihilate all the commies and that he did! Something the late Shah refused to do and paid dearly for it! Well you got what you asked for, Mr.Commies!



I would like to see Khomeni's letter to Carter? Has anyone seen it?



Why didn't Bazargan listen to the warnings of the CIA?



This was a great discussion and in my opinion, Dr. Milani once again showed why he is a head and shoulder above the rest of Iran analysts and historians.

Bazargan's son looked weak and inconsequential.