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Azar Majedi @AzarMajedi8

Azar Majedi is a writer, women’s rights activist, a video-blogger, political activist and a free lance lecturer. She is the president of Organisation for Women’s Liberation, and a leading member of Worker-communism


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laylajoon Biologically produced. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and 100% fatal.

Damesh garm. I applaud her standing up to misogynist Islamists.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

what a truely couragous lady.



در جهان زن ستیز اسلام
راه رهایی از اسلامگرایان زنان هستند...



Thanks Azar for this news :-)



What a sad picture. Where are the rest of women?


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

I think the best solution is to spread information to all. Information kills the ignorance that is present in Tunisia, Iran and so on. By communicating and telling IRI experience to the people I think that you make them wake up. The extremists know that also, that is why the wahabists were attacking a TV station for showing the movie Persepolis. Since it showed what would happen if they would get the power.


maziar 58 Maziar

All the womens
hi 5 stand up and you'll win.


Babak Iranian-American Aristocrat who came to the USA in 1974.

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Babak Iranian-American Aristocrat who came to the USA in 1974.

One of my favorite videos is by the EX-CIA Officer Robert Baer...He talks about the fact that Iranian Shias are much more rational than Saudi Wahabis (Hence Iran is a better potential Ally for America than the Saudis in the long run who consider Americans Infidels and us as Majusi Pagans)...which is a strain of deviant Islam that is more dangerous than anything we have ever seen on the world stage in regards to radicalization, intolerance, hate, narrow mindedness, exclusivity, and judgementalism. Iran's situation has mellowed out over 30+ years however, the Wahabi rise is only starting in the region. Iran could potentially be taken over by the Wahabi Fanatics that will make the current system look like Disneyland. The places where the Wahabis are pushing in Iran are Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Ahwaz, Turkmenistan, and so on. They hope to either take Iran over fully or at least break it up into 5 nations of which 4 will be Wahabi based like the rest of the Arab Spring (Wahabi Spring). Hearing the Anti-Iranian "Majusi" rhetoric from the Wahabi community is rather concerning to say the least. They would rape Iran if they got the chance. I wish more Men and Women stood up to these Wahabi Thugs.


Babak Iranian-American Aristocrat who came to the USA in 1974.

The #1 thing that helps is educating people about the dangers of a Wahabi Spring in Iran. I will promise you they would not hesitate to behead every Iranian Shia, Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian, Sunni, etc. To them regardless of which religion or lack of religion we are...we will always be Pagan Majusi Fire worshippers. The more people are educated on the dangers of these Terrorist Thugs, the more things can improve. Americans and Iranians have a common long term enemy...Wahabism. If you listen to their rhetoric, American or Iranian you are one of the following: Infidel, Pagan, Majusi, Munafiq.