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The Other Half: Fataneh Dadkhah Photographs


Fataneh Dadkhah is a pioneer of stage photography as an artistic discipline in Iran. She has documented the rebirth of Iranian theatre since the 1979 revolution, and in 1983 she published, Theatre Photography, in association with the Dramatic Arts Centre in Iran. Since 2001 Dadkhah has travelled extensively inside and outside of Iran taking snapshots of her experiences, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. 


She has been featured in many prominent publications, including, Washington Post, and The French edition of Elle Magazine , as a contemporary Iranian artist and photographer. Fataneh Dadkhah also  has been honored by Lincoln Center in New York City,  Iranian – American Technology council, in Washington DC, and the Iranian Theatre House, among many others.









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Binesh Breathing stale air depresses me.

Love the blinking red against the black.