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Difference Between Iranians and Egyptians: Integrity, Self-Respect, Courage & Belief In Democracy


Khomeini's funeralWhen it comes to the question of why Shah’s relatively mild and wimpy dictatorship (if even you can call it that) was replaced by this horrendous, mass murdering disaster of the IR, the response that one most often hears from the assortment of the fossil 1960’s and 70’s revolutionaries, West residing -yet West hating—Islamists and lazy IR appeasers is this: the “revolution” was just and proper; it’s just that Khomeini and the mullahs just hijacked it and the people were powerless to stop them.  Bullshit!!  My opinion is—and has always been—that the Islamic Republic is compatible with Iranians’ ultra-religious and xenophobic culture, and that is why it came to power, has remained in power for three and half decades despite unspeakable crimes against the people, and will remain in power for the foreseeable future.


Look at it by way of this example: Egypt  had a bloody revolution that deposed a dictator.  The dictator was replaced by another authoritarian ruler who wanted to shove a friendly constitution down people’s throats (sound familiar?) in a haste.  But people didn’t like the constitution, and didn’t like the fact that the new ruler is becoming another dictator.  So, they have taken to the streets, and despite tanks on the streets, despite threats, beatings and killings, they are not giving up.  They are coming from all around the country to protect the ideals for which they had a revolution.  Now, compare that with Iran.  Just a month or so after taking power, Khomeini had an “election” on the form of government  with a “yes or no” answer to the Islamic Republic (can you believe that nonsense?), and there wasn’t even a peep from anyone.  He then shoved a “velayat faghih” constitution down their throats through the same process.  Again, not even a peep.  They could have poured onto the streets, just like Egyptians are doing.  So, why didn’t they?  There are only a couple of painful answers: 1) they were onboard with the ultra-religious form of government; 2) they were too lazy and/or scared to say or do anything.   I go with number 1.  And please, don’t cite me the example of five (or even a hundred) guys who may have said something at the time.  I’m talking about statistically significant portions of the population—as is the case in Egypt.


There you have it folks: the overwhelming majority of Iranians WANT the Islamic Republic.  It’s culturally compatible with them.  That’s all. 


Photo: Masses of Iranians at their beloved leader, Khomeini's, funeral.


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Niloufar Parsi

This reads like a confession. Are there a lot of Catholics around where you live now?


Nene An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast. a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Buddha

I'm proud to be Iranian and I worship Iran all day and everyday.

Long Live Iran.


Amir Sahimi

One reason not as many Iranians were killed in 1979 as Egyptians in their current struggle is that the shah did not clinch to power and unlike Mosri heard the masses loud and clear.
It would have been a bloodbath had he not left his country and that's what differentiates between a power hungry tyrant and a patriot.


PersianET Your #1 source to Persian entertainment in the United States and in Canada.

I disagree. You should always be proud of yourself and who you are. I think you should also not define an entire group of people based on their government or the people you dislike. We are still a great group of people. I am proud to be Iranian.


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

I agree with the writer of this article. This is a spot on description of Iranians. Instead of priding ourselves in the Achaemenid Empire of thousands of years past, we should look at ourselves today. Iranians have historically lost, lost, lost, lost, and lost more and more and it's because our culture is self-defeating. We talk down on Arabs but it's the Arabs who are getting a better future than us right now. We're the laughing stock. We point fingers (the British! the Mullahs! the Russians!) but we don't see how we contribute to it. After all, a government is formed by its people, even if it is a dictatorship, it is of that culture and it is a manifestation of that culture. The regime in Iran is just as Iranian as any regime before it, it's just an Islamic version, in reaction to the Cold War dynamic. As usual, Iranians being super proud and thinking we are above everyone else and entitled to our own way, we decided to opt for Islam instead of capitalism or socialism. And this is consistent in almost every Iranian regime. Nothing special, and there's nothing better about us than others. We need a thorough cultural analysis- one that isn't afraid to call a problem a problem.


Nene An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast. a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Buddha

I agree Iranians don't understand what's really wrong with Iran , yet they are too proud of their past.

Arabs and Turks are progressing at such fast rate.

But Iranians are NOT.

This is a disaster.

all the Brain drain is horrible for Iran.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Divided Egypt votes on draft constitution
Opposition leaders in Egypt have accused the Muslim Brotherhood of unfairly influencing a referendum on a new draft constitution.

The National Salvation Front has said it is deeply concerned about voting irregularities, such as directing voters outside polling stations to vote yes.

Thousands of Egyptians have already taken part in the poll, with the draft's supporters saying it is a step towards democracy - and its critics saying it fails to protect individual rights.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

The difference between serious students of history and clueless bloggers.
Former have an idea what they're talking about, the latter just like to see their writing in blogosphere.
What is happening in Egypt right now is almost an exact repeat of what took place in Iran 34 years ago, with a difference.
"Thanks" to sacrifices of Iranian people and their continued opposition to IR in the past 34 years, no one in the world has any illusions about what an Islamic Republic will look like.
P.S. For all those who claim that there's no substantial opposition to IR, such an utterly ridiculous claim could be stated only by one who has had no part in that opposition in the past, present and very likely , the future.
P.S.S. For all those who claim that Adolph Reza Khan was the original "modernizer" of Iran, they ought to study and inform themselves on the history of Iranian Constitutional Revolution, and the Baa-bi movement before that, since these two ere the original "instigators" of Modernity in Iran.


Anonymous Observer

See, I talk about 1960's and 70's fossil revolutionaries, and guess who shows up? A 1960's & 70's fossil revolutionary. Z jaan, no one on this planet who is remotely interested in the idea of democracy and representative government will EVER participate in a yes/no "election" on its form of government; or for that mater, vote on a "constitution" that establishes a religious monarch, the "velayat faghih." There are only two possible explanations to what the Iranians people did: 1) there were totally retarded and did not know what they were doing, or 2) they really wanted, and believed in the Shia clergy's absolute rule. I would go with number 2.



AO you hit the nail on the head. In fact if you dig deep beyond IRI's brutality and savagery you can see that this is Iran before the Great Reza shah came to power! An uncurious frozen static backward society in a decline state full of superstitions and khorafat with great distrust and xenophobia fear. In fact the only time we see some kind of a dynamisms happening in the society is through the Pahlavi era much of it with reluctance!!! There would not be foroughi, ghavam, mossadegh, leftis, commis, MKO , oil, modernity and others good or bad if Ghajar dysnasty (IRI’s brother) continued to rule if it could.
Now going back to Egypt verses Iran, look for all we know they may be far more sophisticated, more courageous and even more civilized than we are. After all when they booted their king Farough which was useless by all accounts they did not resort to blood bath! They did not shoot people on top of their schools and hang low rank policemen on the streets of Cairo. Despite being a poor society you never heard of Egyptians throwing acid on the face of their women! Perhaps this comment by someone said it best “ inha raftany nistand ma ham gheyrat o shojaat nadarim”


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

I agree that Iranians tend to be illogical and passionate. And these feelings are exactly what Mullahs use to get their support, but that is the same in Egypt.

The Iranian movie "a separation" was seen as commercial for shiism and forbidden in Egypt. Also movie Persepolis was seen as blasphemy by Tunisian extremists so the company that aired it had to apologise and it is now forbidden there.

The big difference between Iran and these 2 countries is that they are very dependent on Tourism so no matter who comes to power he has to be very careful not to make to much mess or Europeans would stop going there. So Mursi can not start killing people just like Mubarak could not. Also they have not an outside enemy to point to blame to. IRI on the other hand could not care less because they live on "the enemy". They make money through oil and European cars do not care about atrocities done by mullahs.



don't forget that Iran has oil while Egypt does not. To be honest we have enjoyed the luxury of subsidizing our lives in Iran from $6 a barrel to hundred in my generation's lifetime. Half to the Mullahs and half for the rest of Iran. Mullahs aren't that bad after all, huh? Given how pricy oil has become over years average middle class Iranian has accumulated a good chunk of the national wealth since Akbar Shah got crowned. Otherwise how could we afford the state of the art cell phones, new cars, diploma after diploma from Azad University, Dubai concerts, European tours, loan after loan to buy real estate with or without Iran, etc. Why an average Iranian would want any change when we are getting retired around age 50 with a hefty pension, fairly matched with inflation, for the rest of our lives. For those of us who still claim all these goodies are in the hands of Sepah and Hezbollahies hold your breath since such foul cries are spit in the wind. If the people on the IR side are the only ones enjoying these spendings then by looking at life of average middle class we can conclude how much Iranians love mullahs. We have maintained mullahs for the past 34 years, haven't we?

Satar, I am sorry; the only one deserving the freedom you were looking for was you.