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Why are the Arab Gulf countries silent on Gaza?

After hopes of a lasting truce fade again today, the intense pressure on Gaza continues. We are used to hearing voices across the world raised against the conflict. But, perhaps surprisingly, the Gulf has scarcely reared its head to protest.

Gulf thinking towards Gaza is mixed up. Upon joining the ruler of Dubai’s central government office in 2007, its Palestinian head of strategy told me to steer clear of Palestinian politics. “For Sheikh Mohammed, policy comes bef ...

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Niloufar Parsi

Shame the author could not extend her 'cooperative spirit' to include Iran in a joint Iranian-Arab response against Israel. Noticeable anti-Iranian slant in the analysis. Interesting read though.



عربها خیلی ضد ایران هستند . حضرت محمد (ص) دینش را با اخطار به ایران شورو کرد


Anonymous Observer

Glad you noticed the "anti-Iranian slant" in the article. There's always an anti-Iranian slant in the Arab world, regardless of how some Iranians try to kiss up to them. Even dearest Hamas and Syria call Persian Gulf A--bian Gulf and have called for the return of the three Islands to the UAE. I know you don't care about that stuff being that you're not Iranian. But most Iranians do.


Anonymous Observer

Isn't it? Seriously. Some Iranians have no dignity or self-respect. They keep sucking up to Arabs while the same Arabs keep giving them the middle finger.


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If I may;

این رهبران کشورن عربی‌ فقط به درد لا جرز دیوار میخورند




شهید پرور نیستند که الکی بندازن خود رو جلو شاخ گاو . جاش ما براشون شهید میدیم . زنمونهام میدیم براشون


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Here is an interesting take by Trita parsi, published today:

"Iran claims to be Palestine’s biggest proponent. So why has Tehran been silent on Gaza?

Nothing in the Middle East seems normal right now. Israel locks the United States out of cease-fire talks with Egypt over Gaza. U.S.-Saudi relations look increasingly like a marriage that both sides regret getting into in the first place. Egypt's state media publicly cheers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he bombs Gaza. Saudi Arabia pretends to be unaware of the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas. Protests against Israel's bombing campaign are larger in Europe than in the Arab Middle East.