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ramintork @ramintork

If life allows me I wish to use Art and fiction and build a bridge that takes our culture to the rest of the world or at least to our lost souls in diaspora. My early contributions:


The Envoy (Act one of a feature film screenplay)

The EnvoyByRamin Tork Copyrights 2014   Original script- Fiction based On the life of Abdol Hossein Sardari, the diplomat who saved many lives. 1 INT. PATIENT’S ROOM, NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL.NIGHT.BLACK. The SOUND of an old man murmuring.67-YEAR-OLD CYRUS KUSHA is in a bed in a corner of a dark room. CYRUSForgive me! I should had saved you. ... Continue reading »

The tainted Tree (short story)

(Tree image - from my drawing series)   THE WEST WIND curved the branches of an old oak tree. This is what the women called the tainted tree. Howling, it swept the open fields and whispered a thousand times as it touched the old oak leaves and eventually brushed Marjan’s long hair.   Wrapped letters red, black and white tied with colourful fabrics ... Continue reading »

گفتا «ز که نالیم؟ که از ماست که بر ماست» - بیست دو بهمن

گویند عقابی به در شهری برخاست وز بهر طمع پر به پرواز بیاراست ناگه ز یکی گوشه ازین سخت کمانی تیری ز قضای بد بگشاد برو راست در بال عقاب آمد آن تیر جگردوز وز ابر مرو را به سوی خاک فرو خواست زی تیر نگه کرد پر خویش برو دید گفتا «ز که نالیم؟ که از ماست که بر ماست»    ناصر خسرو قبادیانی   In light of reviewing the last 35 years, and the revolution one is ... Continue reading »

The Ghost lovers of Lalehzar (Tulip street)

The Ghost lovers of Lalehzar (Tulip Street)   Let us take an exclusive mustard colour taxiand roam streets of Tehran in an Austin MaxiLike two crazed convicts on their last daycircle the king on horseback and pass Rostam piercing a dragon with a whacksqueeze in those narrow brick-walls leading to streetsjump over mid-road ditchesand loose stones in ... Continue reading »

Fascination of Persia (museum rietberg, Zurich)

There is currently a great exhibition of Persian art at the Rietberg museum, Zurich. The exhibition focuses on the East-West interaction of Iran from the Safavid era and then brings this to current day. There are some great works of contemporary Iranian artists on exhibit. ... Continue reading »

Shipping Forecast And Gale Warnings (short story)

Humber, Thames. Southeast veering southwest 4 or 5, occasionally 6 later. Thundery showers. Moderate or good, occasionally poor.   Let me fill your glass, and make it level with mine my dear friend. Here we go. Come on drink up. This is a forty-year-old whisky. A waiter gave me a blanket and poured me some. He said it’s to warm the passengers stand ... Continue reading »

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