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"Civilizations flourish the most where the masses are passionate about their liberties." - Gary Gross

100 Years Ago, 1.5 Million Christian Armenians Were Systematically Killed. Today, It's Still Not A 'Genocide'

ISTANBUL -- On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turkish authorities hauled off Daniel Varoujan, a leading Armenian poet of the time, along with over 200 other intellectuals in the capital Constantinople. To the crumbling Ottoman Empire, the poets, painters, writers, booksellers and politicians at the beating ... Continue reading »

US drone strike killed American and Italian citizens held captive by al-Qaida | World news

A US counter-terrorism operation in January killed two hostages, one American and one Italian, held by al-Qaida in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the White House announced on Thursday. Related: American citizen abducted in Pakistan appeals to US for help Barack Obama is due to make a ... Continue reading »

Jon Stewart destroys GOP candidates over gay wedding insanity: “Are you f**king kidding me?”

Republican presidential hopefuls are being asked the same question again and again and again by the media: “Would you, personally, attend a gay wedding?” You’d think, by now, their answers would come with a bit more polish. Not quite. Jon Stewart spent Tuesday night’s “Daily Show” ripping the GOP ca ... Continue reading »

Meet Masih Alinejad: The Iconoclast Behind a Viral Campaign Inspiring Iranian Women to Remove Their Headscarves in Public

It all started last May, when Masih Alinejad posted to Facebook a few old pictures of herself without a headscarf in different locations around Iran, and posed the question of whether other women had ever removed their hijab, or headscarf, and documented it. Alinejad, who grew up in Iran and now liv ... Continue reading »

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