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sedaye_man @sedaye_man

"Civilizations flourish the most where the masses are passionate about their liberties." - Gary Gross

The Republican Party and the Continued Rise of the "American Taliban"

In the past I’ve written a couple of articles professing my belief that the Republican party, especially the tea party aspects of it, have become a domestic terrorist group. On the recently ended HBO show The Newsroom, character Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) referred to them as the “American ... Continue reading »

Behind the media spotlight: Kurdish minority in Iran keeps pushing for freedom

More than three years into Syria’s brutal civil war, Syrian Kurds have carved out an entity of their own close to the border with Turkey. Their battle against Islamic State, the jihadist group that has conquered chunks of Syria and Iraq, for Kobani, a stone’s throw from the Syrian-Turkish border, sy ... Continue reading »

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