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DaVinci said "Numbers make the world go round!"

There is a simple concept.."The 72 rule" where you divide into 72 your average compounded annual return and that is the number of years it takes to double your money.   This time of the year, If you own stock you can simply sell a Jan 2014 covered call, the option to another to claim your stock at a specific strike price for a premium determined on ... Continue reading »

"The Last Lion" by William Manchester and Paul Reid

It is a hobby of mine when a new book is published to review how the author(s) treated Iran. Within the 900 pages of this manuscript, the Shah was mentoned in one lone paragraph and it was historically incorrect. On page 517, the author wrote,,,"When Reza Pahlavi fled the country, Winston Churchill propped the twenty two year old Mohammed Reza Pahl ... Continue reading »

"The Looting of the Tehran Museum"

Just google, Renoir's "Gabrielle Avec La Chemise Ouverte". It's not in Tehran!   This painting was such a treasured piece of the TMCA that in Feb 23, 2003 it was excluded in a special request to the Iranian Parliament to sell 10 to 20 'Western" paintings to raise money to buy more Iranian works. By the way, this motion was defeated by the people. T ... Continue reading »

Ronald Reagan's Lesson on Friendship

Many stories have been writen about Ronald Reagan as the politician, the statesman, and the actor. The story most relevant this time of the year is the one about friendship. Years before Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California and was a simple, struggling "B" movie star, the Shah and Her Imperial Majesty invited him and his lovely wife, Na ... Continue reading »