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Cover story

Dooset daaram
Valentine's Day messages

February 14, 2000
The Iranian

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* AR to Mariam: Will you marry me?
* Anonymous to you: To baa man cheh meekoni?
* Anonymous to wife: Koochoolooy-e man...
* Chaartaa pesar: Lotfan chaartaa dokhtar-e khoshgel...

* Anonymous to Ali: When I saw u on that snowy day
* M.R. Loukzadeh: Don't have a girlfriend, but ...
* Ashegh-e Rosva to Gharib-e AshenA: Miss you beyond imagination

* Dokhtar Irani: You are a heartbreaker!
* Hamid to Azam: It's been a while...
* Adriana to Vahid: Best man God could give me
* Kasra A. Ebrahimi: I liked this poem
* M to Khaatereh: Fadaat...
* M to Sina: I want You to think
* Mom to daughter Sheila: She tries so eagerly to touch my face
* RK to SF: Love did not move mountians

* Ronnie to Silva: You're special, including your dolma
* Sara: I think all Iranian guys suck
* Fariba to (future) husband: Belakhare romantic shodam
* Your Swedish Rose: I love you so much Ali Reza
* Kas to Paula: Drop of the ocean of love
* Manijeh Hajizadeh: To the Best Parents in the World
* Manijeh Hajizadeh: One sister to another
* Manijeh Hajizadeh: Thinking of brothers
* Lea Turpin: From a Geographer's Perspective
* Bahal to Baba: Love you baa-baa-ee!

* Bahareh Habibi: The one that I love knows
* Roxana to Zhand-Zhian: Remembering our delightful evenings
* Mehr: No rain could wash way our foot prints
* Payam to Shahrzad: ITALY = I TRUST AND LOVE YOU
* F.S.: Find me a love first

* Linda Nacamulli: And if by chance...
* Siamak to Christine: I love her to bits
* Ayoub to wife: Happy prisoner in your jail
* Kat to Ali: We have taken the good from each culture
* Hosen to Ruth: Love her more than she thinks
* N to Habibi: But if it's not meant to be...

* Babak Gharai: Majnoon's prayer in Mecca
* Ramin to Arezoo: Yours 4Ever
* Maziar to Samantha: Every day I look at you is like the first time
* FT to Baby Face: Best thing that's happened to me

* Mohsen to MM: Forgive me
* Iranian physician: Seeking a single Iranian lady
* N.S. to Manijeh: Tasmim begir
* Hamed to Maria: I love you
* Bijan to ... ?: Special friend
* Rosa to her dearest: I am someone you can trust

* Mohammad to Jaleh: Be my Valentine forever
* Morteza to Nikki: Long on wishes
* Iman to Maryam: Every day I look at you is like the first time
* Amir to ...? : Please don't forget me
* Maria to Samer: I don't need candy

* Mehrdad to Honney: Love you and baby too
* Reza: I need a Valentine
* Navid to Fariba: Will you be my Valentine, sweetheart?
* Mojgan to Alireza: As long as I live
* RB to Max: Not all women are the same
* Poo to Yasaman: Want my heart back
* Sarah to Farshid: Travel to the other side of the world

* Nina Habibi: "Love is love is all there is"
* Ramin to Arezu: I decided to tell you
* Pari for Farhad: Eshq aamad o
* QT to RK : If fate had not brought us together
* Homauion: Interested to meet an Iranian girl

* Fortai to Maryam: Will you be HIS Valentine?
* Maziar to Behin: Good reason to love you more
* Afshin: I want to have a girlfriend
* Michael to Azizam: With your love my dear...
* CK to Shuhub: Love you very much
* Mohammad to Ziba: I love you
* Mary to Iradj: I miss you

* Raha to Mehrdad: "bee hamegaan..."
* Hosyn to Fariba: Please, if you read this...
* A friend to Morteza: "ey tamaam-e fekr-e man..."
* From Abolfazl: "The Fickle One"
* Carole to Danesh: Love you more today but...
* Kazem Abhary: Love whoever loves to love
* RMR to all couples: Hard part is staying in love

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