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 Valentine's Day
February 14, 2000


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Gharibeh AshenAyeh azizam,

Salaam. Salaami chi booyeh khosheh AshenAei.

I wish I could have written this in Farsi, but since this NetZine is published in English, I am have no choice.

It is almost five months since I heard from you. I am still wondering and soul searching as to why you left; more importantly why you left so unannounced, so sudden, without so much as to leaving a couple of electronic lines.

It is almost four months since I opted for solitude. "Sokootam az rezAyat neest, delam ahleh shekAyat neest". It is not as if I have nothing to say. It is just that I decided to respect your wishes and give you the space you needed; regardless of what was going on in my mind and heart.

What am I writing now? Why aren't I continuing this long solitude? The one and only reason is to totally forbid the possibility of you ever thinking that I forgot you. NEVER. I don't know if today I am just a distant memory or if I am still remembered. Whatever I am, the thought of you ever thinking that I would forget you deeply saddens me.

Today is Valentine's Day. Exactly six months ago to this date, I voiced my feelings to you. I am so glad to say that if my feelings haven't remained the same they have only grown and deepened. I remember I told you that, I LOVE YOU, regardless of the situation and outcome and the consequences. I told you that I am just content and happy with simply loving you and keeping you on my mind. Although you have been abscent for over five months of this period, I still feel the same way. I am just happy that I can love someone, the way that I love you now, and living with your memory is just wonderful.

I cannot say I have any hope or not for ever hearing from you again, I rather not think about that. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BEING AND THAT I MISS YOU BEYOND IMAGINATION. Wherever you are and whomever you are with, I wish you a very happy valentines day. During this month I have thought of you more than always, since it is the month that your late father had planned on visiting you. I truly hope that you are fine as far as coping with his loss goes. Don't ever forget that if you ever need me, even if it is ten years from now, I will always be here for you.

Before I say goodbye I like to dedicate this beautiful ghazal from MolAnA to you:

"Man dardeh toe rA ze dast AsAn nadaham,
Del barnakanam ze doost tA jAn nadaham,
Az doost beh yAdegAr dardi dAram,
KAn dard beh sad hezAr darmAn nadaham"

Doostat dAram beh vosateh doostdAshtan.

Hameesheh dar ghalbeh man khAi bood,


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