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Cover story

 Valentine's Day
February 14, 2000


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Every day I look at you is like the first time

it's not even a glance that almost launches my heart out of my body

it's common knowledge I never had a chance in the first few weeks I knew you

and with any other girl, I would've shrugged and moved on

but you keep me in a trance of liquid serenity without even

noticing you are so untouchable... natural and beautiful

it's as if like a goddess of nature you rose out of the earth

I think of everything possible to shade your presence in my mind

I cannot think of you without losing myself for hours

my view of amused disdain towards most young women seems meaningless and

shallow if ours eyes meet for even half a second and I have to lower my head

whenever I sense you are in the same room as me

I cannot have a normal conversation with you because I forget what I am going

to say before the words come out of my mouth

and I have to play it off with a casual question

I want to say a hundred thousand things to you

it is through your innocent questions, way with others, and laughter

that I understand more about myself more throroughly than any person could

tell me

you teach me without ever saying a word and you don't even know it

and I am bound to you in a way that I myself cannot break away

I cannot even pray that you feel the same

I love you.


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