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Yassamine Mather

Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

The deal signed between Iran and the P5+1 countries in the early hours of November 24 was welcomed by most Iranians for obvious reasons:  A military attack against Iran’s nuclear installations is now far less likely to happen;  There is hope that alleviation of sanctions, even in the limited format proposed by the P5+1, will improve the dire econ ... Continue reading »

Iran-US relations

Increasingly, the political landscape of the Middle East is an extremely complicated place.  A look at the conflicting interests that have driven the United States and Iranian governments to seek some form of modus vivendi with each other and the implications this may have both for the wider politics of the region and the respective domestic balanc ... Continue reading »

Telephone diplomacy riles Israeli hawks and Iranian conservatives

Last week’s phone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Iran, the first direct talks between the two heads of state in more than 30 years, has been the cause of major controversy amongst conservatives both in the US and the Islamic Republic.   Although both countries have declared a willingness to work together to “break the ... Continue reading »

Iran Election: Not a Victory for Progressives

On Friday June 14, Iranians voted in large numbers for ayatollah Hassan Rowhani, a regime insider who was elected as Iran’s president with 50.71% of the vote. A centrist, not a ‘reformist’, he became the candidate of an unofficial coalition between ‘reformists’ and ‘centrists’ forged three days before the vote, after green leader and former preside ... Continue reading »

Iran: Boycott the vetted election, not the mass protests

On the last available day, ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani arrived at the ministry of the interior to register himself as a presidential candidate. Rafsanjani was the Islamic republic’s fourth president, from 1989 to 1997, and is now once again standing as a ‘reformist’. In reality he is the candidate of capitalism and probably still one of the riches ... Continue reading »

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