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Iranian woman awaits execution as global outcry for mercy grows |

U.N agency, human rights groups rally to the cause of woman awaiting execution They say she was a victim of sexual assault and killed her attacker in self-defense in 2007 The man who was killed was a member of Iran's Intelligence Ministry Under Iran's Islamic law, the family of the slain man could agree to sta ... ... Continue reading »

FIFA gives okay to players wearing religious head coverings on the football field |

Muslim women footballers have been given the official all-clear from FIFA to wear head coverings during matches. Source: News Limited   FOOTBALL'S world governing body FIFA on Saturday officially authorised the wearing of head covers for religious purposes during matches.   "It was decided that female players can cover their heads to play,'' said F ... ... Continue reading »

Dan Gaspar: The American behind Iran's World Cup qualification | CNN

American Dan Gaspar is part of the coaching team for the Iran football team. Gaspar is a friend of Carlos Queiroz, the Portuguese head coach of Iran   The Portuguese-American has worked in the MLS and with the Portugal team Gaspar was part of the coaching team which qualified for the 2014 World Cup   Tehran (CNN) -- His wife advised him not to go. ... ... Continue reading »

No mercy for Iranian execution survivor | CNN

Oct 17, 2013 - Hanged for 12 minutes, Alireza M. is declared dead Official papers are signed, and the body goes to a morgue But steamed plastic reveals that he is alive The judge is unmoved (CNN) -- For now, Alireza M. is a lucky man. But, like life itself, that may not last.   Convicted by an Iranian court of possessing a kilogram of crystal meth, ... ... Continue reading »

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president - Yahoo! News

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Wild celebrations broke out on Tehran streets that were battlefields four years ago as reformist-backedHasan Rowhani capped a stunning surge to claim Iran's presidency on Saturday, throwing open the political order after relentless crackdowns by hard-liners to consolidate and safeguard their grip on power.   "Long live Rowhani," ... ... Continue reading »

Why Iran's next election could be disastrous for the U.S.

After June 14, Iran could become more isolated from the West than ever   One day soon, American lawmakers might actually be wistful for the days when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in power. With Iran's presidential election looming on June 14, it appears Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has a new favorite:Saeed Jalili, Ira ... ... Continue reading »

Has Iranian regime learned nothing from 2009 election fiasco? -

Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's abrupt fall from grace has taken many in political circles in Iran by surprise, further widening the gap between an increasingly insular and narrow hard-line elite and the rest of the country.   It reinforces a trend towards the consolidation of power around Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and h ... ... Continue reading »

Iran election overseers may bar former president

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's election overseers said Monday they will bar candidates who are physically weak from running in next month's presidential election, a reference to a former leader seen as a threat to hard-liners.   Ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's entry in the race scrambled the equations because of his popularity, reputation and p ... ... Continue reading »

Rafsanjani rolls the dice one last time to fix Iran's future - Yahoo! News

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's best known political grandee, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, looms large in the history of the Islamic Republic - now registered to run in Iran's presidential election next month he may also get the chance to carve out its future. Few have wielded such influence in modern Iran as the 78-year-old but since 2009 h ... ... Continue reading »

Rafsanjani's last-minute entry transforms Iranian race - Yahoo! News

DUBAI (Reuters) - Former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjanithrew himself into Iran's election race on Saturday as a flurry ofheavyweight candidates rushed to beat the registration deadline in the most unpredictable contest for decades. Iranian media reported that Rafsanjani - a relative moderate - had registered for the June 14 presidential electio ... ... Continue reading »

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