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Iranian-Americans set up lobbying arm to counter pro-Israel groups - Nahal Toosi

A happy hour mixer hosted by the National Iranian American Council is pictured. | Getty An Iranian-American group that has actively backed the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks — and battled allegations it works for the Iranian government — will launch a lobbying arm next week, a move it casts as part of a gr ... Continue reading »

Woman called Isis Martinez pleads with media to stop using her name to describe terrorists

Isis Martinez started a petition on behalf of the 'thousands of others' with the name asking news outlets to use a different term to describe the terrorist group, such as ISILShe says her campaign has encouraged many women who are going through the same situation to come forward with their own stori ... Continue reading »

3 brave ladies who fought for equality in Iran — even if Iran is still WAY behind on women’s rights

The insistent cry for women’s freedom has been heard for hundreds of years in Iran. Twenty-five centuries ago in ancient Persia, women were in some ways more liberated than they are in modern Iran. There is often an ebb and flow to popular movements such as women’s liberation: enlightened progress a ... Continue reading »

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