Enemy of my enemy

Recently I received a fax copy of Robert Wright's article in reference to land negotiations between Israel and Arabs at Camp David. And here was a debate as to whether we should sign a petition labeling Ariel Sharon a war criminal. Interesting reading. But I failed to see how this writing legitimizes terrorism against the innocent Israeli public? Many of the victims themselves were in basic disagreement with the context of Sharon's policies in the first place, even though Sharon's actions are last ditch efforts to stop 18 months of terrorism.

I fail to see the constructive values of suicide attacks on the civilian public, on busses, restaurants, grocery stores, agricultural open markets, discothèques, Bar Mitsvahs, etc. I fail to see how killings of non-military and un-armed people, newly weds on a date, pregnant mother shopping groceries, old retired people sitting on benches, can help Palestinian causes. I fail to see what other choice Sharon had to try and put a stop to these crimes. I fail to see how Sharon should have countered the attempted smuggling of 50 tons of arms from Iran to Arafat's terrorist thugs.

Let us not forget that subject matter of Barak's land settlement offer involved the land Israel occupied in the 1967 war, because it was the Arab nations (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, all of whom had deported hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their countries) that attacked Israel for the same reasons as they are terrorizing them today. Their goal has always been to wipe out Israel from the face of the Earth. Israel
won these real estates in a fair and square war that was started by Arabs. Sinai and Gaza Strip were Egyptian lands, West Bank was Jordanian property, and Golan Heights belonged to Syria, none of which was Palestinian lands. But these discussions are out of the context of my argument at this time. My issue here is with Arabs attitudes toward Iranians.

The media coverage of the Middle East events, and the castigation of Israelis in Europe and the US, inherently points to the age-old anti-Jewish sentiments imbedded in Europeans' anti-Semitic sentiments. Taking advantage of these sentiments by increasing Arab immigrants to those countries, and disguised as an
“educational and intellectual” judgment, is attracting relatively un-informed public to empathize with the Palestinian cause. With us Iranians, we need to realize how these same Arabs (Akhunds) have seized power in Iran, worked toward every conceivable anti-Iranian and pro-Arab policies, extension of the anti-Israeli sentiments to anti-Iranian sentiments, we necessarily need to examine our resolve.

Rallying for the Palestinians and the Arabs is purely an
anti-Israeli move. Otherwise, the question arises that why didn't these rallies take place when thousands of Iranian children were sent to the war front with Chinese-made plastic keys to Heaven? Why when Syria's Hafiz Assad eliminated 20,000 Palestinians didn't the world get involved? Why when Saddam Hussein gassed 15,000 Kurds to death, no objections and rallies took place? Why Milosevic's genocide did not spark any rallies? Why the over one million casualties in Sudan in the past 19 years does not spark a concern? Add to these, the Chechen events, Indonesia's East Timor massacres, and today's atrocities by the Iranian clerics, and consider just why there are no worldwide rallies to protest them?

Can we not conclude that these pro-Palestinian rallies are tainted with prejudice?

Arabs lie incessantly. They allow their hatred shine through their interviews with the media night after night. The
“massacre of thousands” they yelled so loudly about, proved to be false accusations, as determined by the UN inspectors. Wars always entail
un-intentional casualties suffered by innocent bystanders, and in Ramallah it numbered in the tens, and about a hundred or so armed militias. A look at 18-months of terrorism in Israel, and attacks of September 11 on the U.S. and of other U.S. Embassies world-wide, numbers in the thousands, all inflicted

If Robert Wright's article was sent to prove a point in the light of the recently circulated petition to declare Sharon a war criminal, I think it failed. I have been aware of Barak's 91% land offer. I am aware of inconclusive negotiations. What 's it to us? Let me assure you firstly that my recent communication re Ariel Sharon was NOT in his defense, nor in the defense of Barak's offer. Rather, considering the hostile stance of Arabs against Iran for the past 1400 years, and Israel for past 50 years, one would necessarily have to realize that the cliché,
“enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds true. I am not defending Israelis, but I AM defending Iran's exposed rear end, which goes to loose independence to Arabs, and disintegration by the hands of the Akhunds. We are dangerously close to it, judging by Arab League's anti-Iranian declarations, Baku's recent claims to Iran's Azarbaijan, and division of the Caspian, not to mention Iraq's eye on Khuzestan and UAE's claims on the Islands and the ever-present U.S. threat.

Possibly owing to the Book of Esther in the Old Testament, Israel and Israelis have never harmed Iran and Iranians. They have never hated or harmed Iranians (Israelis even have the “Purian” celebration coinciding with Norooz, glorifying Iran and the Persians who allotted them freedom from the Babylonians.) They have never called Persian Gulf anything else. They have never considered the three Persian Gulf Islands, Arab properties. They have never called Khuzestan, Arabestan. They have never assassinated any Iranian politician. They have never voted against Iranian interests in the UN. They never call Iranians “AJAM”. They have never had jealousies toward Iranians. These are but a few of what have been demonstrated by Arabs towards Iran for ages. Akhunds' propensity for violence and favoring Arab tendencies date back to the Safavids era. As children, we were told by Arabs and Akhunds alike to avoid entering Jewish quarters, because they
“killed and ate” Moslem children, and chanting the inhuman and racist verse
“Armani Sag Armani” (Armenians, Dog Armenians). Remember? These are all that Arabs have incessantly done to Iran for 1400 years, and are still doing it.

Who do you think are assisting the Akhunds to stay in power in Tehran? Imported Palestinian fighters of course. (Incidentally, today Iranian government issued an order requiring “Bsaseejees” to wear the Arabic headdress, the “chapiyeh”.) Whom do you think Iran's treasury is supporting while Iranians are living under severe poverty? Palestinians and Syrians. So, why are we trying to discredit the enemy of our enemy by signing these petitions? We have far worst problems in Iran, and I feel we don't need to be
“Kaaseh Daagh tar az Aash” [hotter bowl than the soup.] Any move to strengthen Arabs' position, is a vote against Iran and Iranians.

Unfortunately, there are many Iranians who, as children, exposed to brain-washing by Islamists (and possibly Nazi propaganda during WW2) amongst us, without any logic, dislike Jewish people, thus allowing any move by Israeli government hit the wrong cord in their emotions.

Instead, it is more becoming for Iranians to
unite and publicize the atrocities of Iranian Government to the world and collect signatures to condemn Akhunds' crimes against humanity and leave Israeli problems to those nations that have survived atrocities. We haven't yet.

Paayandeh Iran

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