Your name

I was in Iran at the time of the Iran Iraq war. To this date the fear that I experienced dying at the speed of an eye blink for no apparent reason. The fear of losing all my hopes and dreams is with me, inside me. It stabs me at the heart when I see any human being getting entangled in the same vicious cycle for reasons beyond their power.

Your visage
So ugly, so scary
Frightens me to the bone:
Red, swollen with disorderly teeth.
Red as the red siren at the time of bombardment
I still hear in my ears
After all these years gone by
When I hear them talk
Of none but YOUR NAME.
Swollen as all the fear swollen in the depth of my eyes
In every single beat of my heart
When hiding under wooden tables
When escaping to the street shelters
To protect my open eyes, my beating heart
At those times where there was no word
Spoken among us but YOUR NAME.
Disorderly as your teeth
At those times of paralyzing fear of falling bombs and missiles
We did all we could to keep our eyes live
We did all we could to avoid closing their dying eyes
At the era of regiment of none but YOUR NAME.
Oh, I am so sick of you
So tired, so fearful
Of having you again
Anywhere on this planet
That I cry aloud:
Go away, Go awaaay …
Leave us alone, you, damned WAR.

Los Angeles
14th March 2003

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