Dictators are rarely tall

Long years ago I read an article on class of rulers known by the nomenclature of dictators. The common characteristic of the dictator as pointed out in the article was, and it is a fact also that dictators were rarely tall, when there is deficiency in one characteristic of man, God compensates him somewhere in some other quality.

Napolean Bonapart was 5 feet 1 inch, Herr Hitler, dictator of Germany, the world's most photographed man at that time, was a little below the German average height. Benito Mussolini was 5 feet 6 inches. General Franco, the man who led a successful revolt against the Monarchy in Spain was a little above 5 feet in his field boots, he ruled Spain as Head of the State for 36 years without any elections, and the beauty of his character is that he returned Spain to a scion of the Monarch whom he toppled in Spain and returned the country back to Monarchy.

Herr Hitler wanted to dominate Europe. Before annexing Czechoslovakia summoned the President of Czechoslovakia Dr. Benes, and barked at him. “Are you not aware that you are in the presence of the greatest Germen history has ever known?” Dr. Benes fainted. Hitler tried to find excuses to expand his empire over Eurasia. Hitler's claim on the Polish port of Denzig came as easy excuse and he invaded Poland in September 1939, his army ran through Scandanavian countries and France. Wherefrom the British expeditionary forces had to withdraw, which Churchill, the then Prime Minister, in his famous address to parliament called a colossal military disaster.

Hitler's succesess in Europe found an ally in the person of Benito Mussolini, who ransacked Ethopia in search of hidden gold. But there is a similarity in the end of these two dictators also. At the end of the 2nd World War when German-Italian axis was defeated Musolinis body was dragged in the streets of Rome and hung up in a public square for display to the Italian nation, he once ruled.

Hitler confined himself in a cellar in Berlin along with his mistress Eva Braun and his faithful dog. He called for the priest, to perform the nuptial rites and then gave a capsule of poison to his newly weded wife Eva and put a bullet through the head of his faithful dog and another bullet to his own head. Allies tried to find out dead bodies, which they could never find, probably they were burnt by his followers, Hitlers second-in-command Field Marshal Goering and others Herr Von Ribbon Trop, Herr Himmler, Dr. Gobbles, the propaganda chief were brought for trial before the Nuremberg Tribunal for War Crimes and sentenced to death.

The leadership of Eurasia was expected and it was an ignobel death that was seen, fate has these turns, the makers of history forget that the wheels of history grind slowly, but surely grind small. The final destination of every ruler is the grave, irrespective of his or her expectations. When Alexender the great died and his body was being taken to the grave both of his hands were stretched out of the coffin to indicate that he is going to meet the Maker empty handed.

In the case of Napolean, throne of the world was expected, it was St. Helena that was seen, fate has these turns, out of all these facts of history there has emerged a saying that pride goeth before fall. It happened in the case of Hitler, it happened in the case of Musolini, it has happened and it will continue to happen in the case of every ruler turned dictator. The main difference between a ruler and a dictator is that a ruler is benevolent, he rules according to laws framed by the nation, while the dictator is free of all restrictions, his word is law.

The greatest example of democracy is in England, where there is no written constitution, the Prime Minister rules according to the traditions laid down by the parliament, when Charles-I wanted to rule according to the constitution, the parliament took away all the powers of the King, the King refused to sign this law and no law can be passed as an Act unless it is ascented by His Majesty Charles I refused to give his ascent, the parliament then passed the law to behead the King and the King was in fact beheaded. In parliamentary democracy, the Prime Minister is responsible to parliament for each and every action, so much so that a Minister can not afford to have a scandel and himself much less the prime Minister.

There is one mitigating factor in case of Napolean and Alexender: their intense love for their mothers. Once Napolean, when he was a soldier in the French army, was standing a bit worried on the bank of River Siene. His life long friend met him, but Napolean was unmoved. His friend shouted, “What is your problem? Are you not happy to see me?” Napolean replied, “My mother is very sick and I can't buy her medicine.” His friend asked him to keep standing there and then ran back and brought with him six thousand gold Francs. Napolean took it and rushed to remit the money to his mother and when he returned, his friend was not there.

Later Napolean was riding to the place for his coronation, riding in a stagecoach. He spotted his friend in the crowd. Napolean stopped the procession, ran to his friend, caught him by his hand and brought him in his coach to ride with him. Napolean offered sixty thousand gold Francs, his friend refused to take it, he had enough of his own money, he did not need it, he only gave money to Napolean when he needed it. The two friends never met thereafter. Can we find such an example of such a sincere friendship? I am sure the answer would be in negative.

Another example of the intense love for his mother is of Alexender the great, when he left Greece for the conquest of the world, he handed over the charge of the affairs of the state to his friend Antipeter. Antipeter used to write to Alexender every day and in one of his letters he expressed his inability to carry on the affairs of the state because of the interference of Alexender's mother. Alexender read the letter and said, one drop of tear from the eyes of my mother can wash off one thousand such letters of Antipeter and threw the letter into fire.

When Iraq was being ruled by King Faisal, Prince Abdul Ilah was the crown prince and also the ruler of Syria. Nuri-es-Said was the Prime Minister and when General Abudul Karim Kasim of Iraqi army staged a coup, Nouri-es-Said fled the country. King Faisal's mother caught hold of the hand of her son, took a copy of Holy Quran in her hand and went to General Abdul Karim Kasim to beg for the lives of her son and herself. General Kasim took out his revolver and shot both the mother and her son King Faisal. They may be buried in a corner in the royal palalce. Violence begets violence, and later on dictator General Abdul Karim Kasim met the same fate alongwith his few supporters.

So there is a great similarity not only in the heights of the dictators but also in their policies and movements and their final end, this is the law of God. This is what Saddam Hussein is facing now for his unjust attack on Iran, Kuwait and Kurds.

Another typical example of dictators is General Ziaul Haq of Pakistan, nearly 5 feet 6 Inches in height. A dictator has got no priciples, no policies, and no morals and true to his character Ziaul Haq toppled his own benefactor Prime Minister Zulifikar Ali Bhutto, who had selected him for appointment as Chief of the Army Staff. Ziaul Haq not only toppled Bhutto but also saw to it that he is put to death and that too by judicial process, he ruled the country right, left and center, appointed ministers and got them approved by a hand picked majlis-e-shoora.

But in the final anylasis, his fate was also the same as that of Hitler, Musolini and others. Ziaul Haq wipped and flogged and used the boggey of Islamization to crush the national spirit of the people of Pakistan. He did not fail even to exploit religion of Islam to perpetuate his rule in one form or the other and died in a mysterious plane crash in which the American Ambassador and a Brigadier General were also killed. A dictator lives and dies for himself and not for country. No enquiries were finalized to ascertain the real cause behind the assisination of the Head of the State of Pakistan. This is how the dictators end because they do not have the support of the people.

Smoking blood over crowded cemetries and mothers in tears are formidable pleaders to which the abiss has to lend an ear. The problem with power is that it goes to the head of the person who attains it; first he attains power, then he uses power and then he abuses power and finally he losses power, this is what happened in the case of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He was advised to consolidate the nation first before entering into international arena of politics, this advice was taken lightly by him and in the process he expected the leadership of the Islamic world, but a hangmans noose was seen, fate has these turns.

History does not record a person who has been able to retain the balance of their head after attaining power. The so-called sacred document known as the 3rd Constitution of Pakistan is a piece in example. Immediately after promulgation of the 1973 constitution Mr. Bhutto brought in seven amendments one of which was that if the President does not give his ascent to an act passed by the parliament within 7 days, the ascent of the President will be deemed to have been obtained.

Mr. Bhutto was also not satisfied with his dejure number 2 position in the Pakistani heriachry and wanted to amend the constitution suitably, and that is why 2/3 majority in the parliament had to be obtained, which led him to the hangmans noose. This is where dictatorial nature of the rulers comes in. Thus the father of the Islamic bomb went to the gallows.

The present impasse before the world is that the super power is trying to become the supermost in the world of today. In pursuit of its goal, the super power has to find excuses to subdue the other nations and take control of their resources. God has given ample wealth in the continents of Africa and Asia, over which the super power is concentrating to take control, so a kind of fear is being inculcated in comperatively weaker but oil rich nations and also over European nations for which American manned NATO is being successfully used.

Law of nature is that strength lies in unity and unity alone, and this advise is given in the Holy Quran, Surah Luqman, where an old mad had seven sons, who use to fight against each other, the old man called all the sons and gave each of them a bundle of sticks tied together and asked them to break the bundle of sticks, they could not, then he untied these bundles and gave each one of them a stick, which they broke in no time. The moral of the story is that unity is strength, there is no greater hour than now, when greatest demand for the Islamic world is to unite and exploit their own resources and meet the challenges of the so-called terrorism and its imaginary villan Osama bin Laden created by President George W. Bush.

Instead of acting on the policy of friends or foe, let us adopt the policy, live and let live. This is the only honourable way of life otherwise law of God is bound to come into action and take its toll. This is what happened to Namrod during the pre-historic days of Prophet Abraham, this is what happened to Remesis during the days of Moses and the law of God has never been defied or can it ever be defied. The preachers of democracy, who turn themselves into dictators through sheer brute majority created by power politics, may want to take serious note of this facet of history.

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