Target Islam

The Islamic world today is being dubbed as fundamentalists. The events in Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine has proved beyond any shadow of doubt that any person who professes a religion is a fundamentalist. Russian, American and Israel are no exception. It’s a pity that only the Islamic World, who are busy in safeguarding their interest in today’s turmoil are only branded as fundamentalists.

The present war against so-called terrorism is only to wipe out Muslims from the surface of earth. To say the least, it is crusade against Islam, the correct nomenclature, which Americans choose to avoid for political purposes. If we have a look at the map of the world, the places which have been targetted for war against terrorism are only those countries who profess the faith of Islam. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia and Chechnya are the targets to start with, while the rest of the Muslim rulers are either dumb spectators or friends as distant from foes, just to save their regimes.

The latest incidents of the massacre in a Middle School in Beslan should be an eye openor for the Muslim rulers specially and the rest of the nations hoping for peace, who does one blame for such attrocities? Who took students as hostage or those who let lose their fire power on school gymnasium and other buildings killing more then 500 innocent pals, much has been written about terrorism and many more pages will be written on the subject, but so long as might is going to be the law of the world, the hope of peace will be a distant cry un-attainable.

Russia is trying to regain its postion as a super power in the days of USSR, today it’s a matter of North Ossetia, Chechnya and tommorrow it will be the Central Asian Republics. Thus Russia and America are planning to devide the world into two centres of influence on regional basis; probably the world has been made for the political playboys, and according to the law of nature, the mightier rules.

The worst sufferer in this power game is always the common man whether he be a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew. Chechnya is struggling for independence for last more then hundred years, their struggle dates back to the days of Algerian Independence movement and moral support from Hitler days, if we only look back to what was agreed with Chechens in 1990 when Mikhail Gorbachov team had agreed to give Chechnya equal status with other units in a renewed Soviet Union but it soon collapsed and Chechens also became automatically independent, then there was no justification for Boris Yeltsin of Russia to invade Chechnya in 1994 and Valdamir Putin in 1999.

International pressure has been conspicuously missing on the chechen issue and as an aftermath of so-called 9 / 11. Mr. Putin has taken cover to continue his game plan to wipe out Chechnya and other Soviet Muslim states systematically under the garb of International Terrorism blaming Muslim jihadi’s.

One universal law of nature, which has been forgotten by one and all is what has been taught in the Surah Luqman of the Holy Quran, that unity is the strength, the weaker but rich states should join hands to face the coming crusaders, how long the central Asian States and such other nations will last on the map of the world is a matter of time, if they do not read the writtings on the walls and seek strength from their people instead of begging it as a matter of charity from the top, no power on earth will be able to save them from their logical end.

Not only the Muslim world but the entire comity of nations, who crave for freedom and dignity of mankind must unite otherwise the spoils of the so-called War against Terrorism is going to be distributed between the allies and the Russians, as they did at the end of the World War II.

It is an established fact that terrorism can not be supressed by another act of terrorism coming from whatever quarter, the so-called terrorists have got a cause, and a cause never dies at the battle field, it can only be removed across the negotiating table, you have to go to the root cause of the agitating issues and see what are the aggravating problems.

This act of massacre of innocent teachers and students at the hands of the Russian Army is an unpardonable offence before the conscience of the world, which is at the moment dumb and mute spectator in front of whose naked eyes the two major adventurists are playing wild fire against the Musalmans calling them a threat to their colonization agenda of the world. Now Russia have also come out in their true colour by declaring that they are prepared to bomb every terrorist centre all over the world with no exception.

So super power America and another super power in waiting — the Russians — have joined hands to rule the world. As things are India, Burma, Thailand and China will be placed under the influence of Russians and the rest of the world will to the share of the Americans, this is the game plan of the present War against terrorism in which there are some foolish second fiddlers to save the propped up rulers.

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